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Smart Self Balancing Scooter Specs You are Luo Shaohua took out smart self balancing scooter specs his cell phone, you send text messages to me, about me out to drink ah. Yes ah. Ma Jian Nunu mouth smart self balancing scooter specs to the window, Tonight we should be in the side of the Chaoshan restaurant to eat, drink the green bamboo garden area to take the car, accidentally found with homicide. What Luo Shaohua surprised, You said, Lin Guodong Yes, it s tonight, said Ma Jian, pointing to the window of Unit 501, Building 22, Building 4, which, despite drawing thick curtains, could still see the light coming out of the room. He took the girl home. How do you sure he will kill Luo Shaohua s doubts in the hearts of no diminution, he is not even cars, how to throw dead I told him a few days. Ma Jian tone calm, the yellowgreen self balancing scooter day before yesterday he bought forestgreen self balancing scooter a toolbox, hand saw, roll the plastic film, there is an electric pressure cooker. He turned to Luo Shaohua Large. Luo Shaohua stared at Ma Jian, smart self balancing scooter specs a long while before Nane asked how do we do First of all, you remember what I told you. Ma Jian staring at Luo Shaohua, word by word, said, Tonight 9 30, I and you drink in the Chaoshan restaurant the restaurant I have arranged , You do not worry talk about the topic is my son s work and.uo Shaohua pinch off cigarettes, looked at the watch, eight twenty five. He rolled Virginia self balancing scooter all the windows and let more cold air into the cab. Even after playing a few shivering, Luo Shaohua thoroughly spirit. He shrank in the driver s seat, staring intently at the door of Ankang Hospital. Ten minutes later, the iron gate behind the fog came a burst of smart self balancing scooter specs rattled sound, followed by a silhouette appears in the mist. He smart self balancing scooter specs walked slowly, the pace of some staggering, seems full of panic, and hesitant. Luo Shaohua sat up, staring at him. Gradually, the person in the fog of the outline slowly clear up. This is a height of smart self balancing scooter specs one meter seventy or so of the men, fifty years old, thin, thick hair, messy, wearing a do not see the color of cotton padded jacket, left shoulder left a big black leather leatherette, left hand carry With a net bag, which is an enamel basin. Dental equipment, soap box and the like in the inside jingling. Luo Shaohua feel throat was suddenly strangled is he, can not be wrong. Men went to the door, it seems that the iron gate in front aliceblue self balancing scooter of helpless. Soon, the duty room out of a chunky security. See him, a few steps back to the man, the whole person has narrowed the circle, as if ready.

d to the left and right, and finally decided to go right. After a few steps, he found himself already can not see the toes. Are hesitant to open flashlight, Luo Shaohua heard a strange sound came not far from the front. Tom Tom He immediately stopped, hold your breath, listen carefully. Sound from the front of the right side of a building, it seems that someone in the cut with a heavy object. Tom Tom Distinctively, it was also mixed with splitting, breaking and tearing voice he was trying to something from a larger object separated. Luo Shaohua heart rate began to accelerate, his mouth has suddenly become very dry. He quickly changed the patrol route and followed the strange sound. Do not know who he is, but to be sure, it is sharp cutting the voice of the flesh. Luo Shaohua open flashlight, that building in magenta self balancing scooter the dark emerged out of the fuzzy contours. He stared at the front, speeding up the pace. A lot of things brushed his trousers, hit his leg. Perhaps weeds, perhaps the trash, perhaps the cement flower bed he was unintentional to research, there is no cheap 2 wheel self balancing scooter time to figure it out. who s that person What is he doing Cut what is cut Only a few meters away from the building when th.eth, turned and walked to the Office of the Deputy Secretary. Duan Hongqing in the office, is accompanied by a crying old woman sitting on the sofa, unable to comfort her. Sitting on the other side of the sofa Luo Shaohua. He half head, his head on the wall, his eyes closed, his face cross flow tears. See Du into the door, the old woman struggling to stand up, grabbed Du into a sleeves. Into smart self balancing scooter specs the child, into a child The voice of the old woman is like a mourning, and like a plea, This is how the matter in the end ah, a good old horse, how to say no gone Sister, you must smart self balancing scooter specs be sad. Du into the old woman sat down, old horse is to save people, he died did not smart self balancing scooter specs forget that he is a police officer. I thought that after he retired, he would not have to worry about the whole day The old woman burst into tears, This old thing, succeed what can ah. Old woman s cry echoed in the silence of the office. Du sat at her side, tightly holding the wrinkled hands of those pairs, the hearts of the misery to be added. Duan Hongqing head down, by sitting on the desk, without a word. Luo Shaohua also maintained the position just, motionless, tears kept flowing in his face. For a.s of a plastic gloves, he has been naked. He rolled up his clothes, thrown into the carton filled with toiletries, then got up and went to the living room. The sofa is also covered with a layer of plastic film, the above is a tape wrapped around the hands and feet, the same naked woman. The woman was motionless, and there seemed to be no sound. He tense, leaned down, with a finger touch the woman s neck. However, the fingers covered with a layer of plastic did not notice a significant rhythm. He then put his arm to the woman s nose, and finally felt a breath of hot and humid. He was so pleased and frightened that he needed the woman to live because he had to finish everything planned fear was that he would have to finish the most difficult part. He bent down and best electric self balancing scooter lifted the woman up. The unconscious woman is much heavier than imagined, he somehow thought of the dead Shen the word. At that moment, his mood suddenly low to the bottom. Until this moment, he was really aware of what they are doing. Same thing. The same night. He guessed a year ago, feelings and feelings. Try it, not a trembling human body, no temperature, blood vessels, bones or muscles, not any person s daughter, wife o.

Smart Self Balancing Scooter Specs body of the girl s dark red sweater, revealing electric self balancing scooter inside the black long sleeved T shirt. He looked at the tall and uplifted chest, his face up. Suddenly, the kind of familiar taste fleeing into the nostrils, straight forehead. Sweet taste. Betray the taste. The smell of erotic desire. Relentless killing smart self balancing scooter specs the taste. Lin Guodong hot and humid breath in the girl s neck. At that moment, the hearts of smart self balancing scooter specs girls growing fear rushed to the vertex. Flanagan in the mind of the string bang sound suddenly broken. Has been supporting her courage and faith are completely collapsed. All the determination, planning are all set aside by her. She only knew that the man himself raped, killed four women. And her ending, and those women will be exactly the same. Wei Jiong, where are you Du Cheng, where smart self balancing scooter specs are you All the thoughts of the girl are occupied by fear. She curled her legs, desperate to push Lin Guodong, while desperate shouting Help Help Distance 102 and Matsuyama Road intersection there are tens of meters, Du Cheng Wei Jiong said to see the building. Look, it was a winter shutdown, to be built in the spring office. Exterior decoration has not yet been carried out, the entire building is a square cemen.Moreover, he decided to tell the perpetrators of the identity of Ji Qiankun, it is precisely because the horse, Luo two actions. Although Lin Guodong of Luo Shaohua other than people without any notice, but he apparently has been in a very dangerous situation. Du Cheng Ma Jian is very clear character and means. Although he did not expect Ma Jian would willing to sacrifice Chen to get rid of Lin Guodong, but at self balancing scooter spain least that Ma Jian has been moved to killings. A blow can not succeed, they certainly will not let go. Even if Du has been discerned their purpose, Ma Jian will also look for opportunities to kill each other, to a dead no check, once and for all. Such a person, of course, lack of pity. For Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua, Lin Guodong is a time bomb detonation at any time, when the wrong peru self balancing scooter case once brought to light, we will spend the rest of their lives in shame. Kill him, is never future trouble. However, for Du Cheng, he needs Lin Guodong alive. He smart self balancing scooter specs needs Lin Guodong stand in the dock, to accept the legal sanctions. Only in this way, in order to live up to his wife and son s early death, in order to make heaven and earth calmly look back this cage like life, in order to allow Xu Mingli.

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