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Smart-self Balancing Scooter e the old Qin doubled under the sleeping pills, to facilitate her to bully her. This bastard in order to comfort, each with sesame oil. Wei Jiong finally understand the strange old woman who surnamed Qin taste come from, think of the use of sesame oil, can not help but burst of churn the stomach. Old Qin is very poor, was the next drug, ignorance and unconsciously to be ruined. Lao Ji sighed, But I think her heart is skque self balancing scooter review clear, but she did not smart-self balancing scooter know. He put the cigarette butts pressed out Before the Spring Festival, the old Qin s family to pick her up, the old lady happy, happy like a child, but the sixth day she was sent back, his son left, the old lady that look Ugh. Can imagine. After a short period of family happiness, but also the lonely lonely time. Not to mention, but also endure endless insults and rape. However, the mystery of the hearts of Wei Jiong is growing. Old Ji, Wei Jiong silent for a long while, and finally asked, You know the law, right Old Ji seems to Wei Jiong s question is not unexpected, nodded ah. You are very clear, deepskyblue self balancing scooter Zhang Haisheng and Oida, is an accomplice, right Correct. Why do not you put the two videos to the police Wei Jiong stared at the old Ji eye.rning belt on the other side. Immediately, he seems to like the body off force, and fell in the chair. Old discipline, Du rubbed his sweat on his forehead, to Ji Qian Kun stretched out a hand, the detonator to me the team came out immediately. However, contrary to his expectations, Ji Qiankun grasping the remote control detonator s hand to the right side of the body, while gently swinging to the door. Officer Du, you lemonchiffon self balancing scooter go out with these two children. He paused, adding, As far as the guard band is concerned, the farther the better. Du Cheng was confused The old discipline, you have to engage in what the ghost Ji Qiankun ignored him, but for the Yue Xiaohui, smiled chotingI kill your mother, must be subject to punishment. Du Cheng Yi Leng, then on the ah a cry, his face became pale old smart-self balancing scooter discipline, the original you If not finished, Yue Xiaohui to extend a hand to stop him. She fixedly looked Ji Qiankun, a long time, shook his head. You should not self-balancing scooter specification die, at least, you should not die. Yue Xiaohui bites his lips, seems determined, If I think you damn, the second time you shave, I cut a knife. Ji Qiankun began sobbing The child, I Do smart-self balancing scooter you know why I m going to get close to Lin.

If you dare to move, I ll stab you The girl instinctively straight back, in his hostage, slowly across the road. The building stands on the roadside. Lin Guodong girl pulled around the body to go half a circle, and soon found the entrance. Into the wet and cold breath blowing, at the foot also felt the gravel and sand. Lin Guodong wiped a face of rain, looked around, and finally point to the front of the crude cement staircase. You, go up Girls in the dark quietly watching best electric self balancing scooter Lin Guodong, the smart-self balancing scooter other against the background of the street lights, leaving only a fuzzy outline. Only the knife shone. She suddenly wanted to run, and even fantasy in the next second to see a large number of heavily armed police surrounded the building. However, the night smart-self balancing scooter still silence. In addition to a heavy rain and a knife in front of the man, nothing. The girl turned and walked slowly along the stairs. Lin Guodong followed her, step by step on the steps. Girl again from honeydew self balancing scooter the grid in the phone, open the video smart-self balancing scooter function. The last moment is coming, she must be ready. Location sharing has ended. Wei Jiong stared at the phone screen, just now, he lost the position of Yue Xiaohui. Taxi a Jicha. Wei Jiong s head hit t.same age as me I m a little smaller than you, Yue Xiaohui s voice approached. My mother died, and he did not marry again. Your parents feelings must be good. Well, she said, her voice a little closer, My father smart-self balancing scooter still has her mother s relics, and she can not bear to lose it. Alas. Ji Qiankun sighed, is also a dedicated person. Perseverance to bring him only pain, endless pain. Oh He was a drunk man, and he could only forget his mother s death. Ji kun kun silent for a moment But at least you stay with him. It s no use, Yue Xiaohui chuckled, I look like my father I d rather be like my mother. Clothes rustling sound of friction. Then, is the sound of a towel to wipe the blade. The old discipline. Ok A person, really can be attached to that degree Probably, I and your father are good examples. Do not hesitate to destroy yourself Ok. And even destroy someone Ji Qiankun not speak. A moment later, he whispered, How is your mother dead Yue Xiaohui a good while before answering car accident. Oh. Ji Qiankun twisted body, Xiao Hui, towel a bit cold. Oh. Yue Xiaohui wake up like a wake up reaction, sorry sorry, patronize the chat. She removed the towel from her face. Evenly applied to the sh.moment, then looked up and saw a box of cigarettes stood on the instrument panel, to take out a light. Zhang Zhenliang some impatient how Do you think Du into a spit a cigarette, thought, spoke and said mobile phone positioning to the 8th floor, people should be in the 8th floor, but the system has both smoke and smell, they are not afraid of Kansas self balancing scooter being found That is not a problem. Zhang Zhenliang a wave, put people hold, and consequently easy. He finished, he picked up the walkie talkie, briefly ordered 8, No. 3, upstairs. Du turned to look out the smart-self balancing scooter window, saw the smart balance wheel fastest back of the car jumped a few young men, the pace hurried into the 4 Building 2 unit. Zhang Zhenliang watched them disappear in the corridor, a few minutes later, walkie talkie came a deep male voice arresting group has been in place. Zhang Zhen Liang picked up the walkie talkie moment action agile point. Then, he took out a cell phone from his pocket, handed Huangfa youth. As I smart-self balancing scooter have just said, if you dare to play tricks, I let you eat bread for life. Huang made a young man raised his head, not opening the first hit a big yawn. I I dare He took over the phone, open the call log, select a number, set aside. Car police a.

Smart-self Balancing Scooter self balancing scooter at walmart wn the side of the side connected to the phone, Zhang Zhen Liang s voice immediately spread out. A person, less than two grams of cargo. No drug manufacturing tools. Zhang Zhenliang also with severe asthma, Lao Du, how is it Du Cheng went to the fire door on the 10th floor, carefully opened a crack, the elevator, the man has to change the shopping bag to the left hand, right hand stop poking down the key. Du Cheng whispered 10 floor, fast up to rosybrown self balancing scooter help me. When he finished, Du smart-self balancing scooter hung up the phone, opened the fire door and went out. Hear the footsteps, the man suddenly turned around and saw the Du into the keys of the action more frenzy. You put things down, turned around. Du carefully close, one hand pointing to the man, the other hand holding the waist of the gun handle, hands Baotou The man ignored him, just turned his head, tightly staring at the elevator door. Du into the wound, walked over quickly, his fingers just touched his shoulder, the elevator door opened. The man suddenly burst, the shopping bags to throw into DU, sideways squeezed into the elevator. Du Cheng raised his hand to protect his head and face, drew a man pointing to the point Immediately give me out, hurry up Man b.teering wheel, one hand holding the phone, the receiver came the voice of Zhang Zhenliang rapid. You just said, Lin Guodong did not get on the train Did you find the station We are all in contact with the marshals to prevent him from getting mixed smart-self balancing scooter up in the other cars, he said. I know. Master, where are you I immediately went to the cafe. Let small high to continue to locate Luo Shaohua mobile phone, if the location changes, immediately told me. Well, Master, be careful. rest assured. Du hung up the phone, turn the steering wheel, from the Hing Wah North Street, Da Wang Road. Just turned the corner, he heard the front came a loud noise. He instinctively lower the speed, stunned to look at one hundred meters away from a street shop smoke big smoke. Signs on the roof, TheOne a few letters clearly visible. Du ruthless step on the gas, driving to the cafe in front of the door, saw a few people are screaming from the door came out. smart-self balancing scooter He cursed loudly, unlock the seat belt, jumped out of the car, ran to the cafe. The porch is a mess. Soil, flowers everywhere. The glass door was blown apart, leaving only the metal frame hanging. Du into cover nose and mouth, in the smoke smart-self balancing scooter slowly into the room.

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