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Snow Self Balancing Scooter hot tea. The conference room is rectangular, on the north side of the wall is a row of display cabinets. Branch in the past years to obtain a variety of trophies, awards, certificates are placed among them. Even if a few meters apart, Ma Jian is still aware of the second row of display cabinet on the left is the fourth collective merit of a certificate. It is cracked 11.9 series of rape murder case after the murder, the Provincial Public Security Department of snow self balancing scooter the task force to give collective rewards. In the past, when meeting in this meeting room, Ma Jian will always look at this certificate more glances. However, today it again appeared in front of him, but let him feel very harsh. Ma Jian turned away, the mood began to slowly decline. The door of the conference room was pushed snow self balancing scooter open, and the snow self balancing scooter bright and fast step came. Ma Bureau, you wait a little longer. Highlight snow self balancing scooter snow self balancing scooter pulled a chair, sitting beside Ma Jian, the information is printed well, I let them bind it, immediately sent to you. Do not have so much trouble. Ma Jian waved his hand, Thank you, small high. You are the old leader, we should give you to the home. Highlight look at the watch, Duan Bureau in the meeting, he knew you c.spended, withholding bonuses, cancel the evaluation of eligibility. Chen Xiao gently stroked his back Little poor. I just can not figure out, has been puzzled. Lin Guodong eyes on the snow self balancing scooter other side of the living room, bathroom door half empty, how can she hurt me Everyone look at my eyes are strange, we all Behind me secretly talking about me for me, that is set me to death. Very simply, she does not love you. Why do not I refuse her every time I invite her snow self balancing scooter Chen Xiao gently smiled, boyfriend away from so far, usually no one to accompany. Just have you this young New self balancing scooter and handsome talented suitors. For me, will be pleased to make an appointment on When looking for someone to play with their own. However, she is willing to embrace and kiss me What is it, a woman, hold a hold, they will be warm, but you want to have a substantive relationship, she will certainly escape. Lin Guodong silence for a moment, shook his head a woman really terrible. Chen Xiao snow self balancing scooter Lin Guodong arms to squeeze his head squeezed So you have been so single for so many years Lin Guodong s hand stroked on her back, can clearly feel the location of the bra, can not let go, do not dare to love again. Fool. Chen cl.

is an adult female body, is divided into skull, trunk, left and right upper limbs, left thigh and calf, a total of eight. The stump was temporarily pieced together, the deceased posture seems strange, plus the right thigh and calf is missing, does not look like a person. Du into the front of the head around the deceased, bow carefully observed. The dead have long hair, scattered, the first micro right side, facial swelling, mouth half a sheet, his eyes slightly closed, pupil dim light. What is the cause of death The initial judgment is mechanical asphyxiation. Forensic refers to the end of the head, choke marks clearly discernible, should be strangled. Du Cheng Ma Jian to see, the latter silent, clenched teeth, raised muscles on the cheek. Do the poison analysis snow self balancing scooter later, but I do not think it makes any sense, forensic lit a cigarette, or he did it. What about death More than eight hours. Forensic wear gloves, specific time, after checking the contents of the stomach and then inform you He pointed to the mutilated body of an autopsy. Look for the right leg, this way, the family will be crazy to see. Ma Jian took a deep breath, the whole person suddenly paused Get smart balance wheel fastest it, yo.matter, I can understand. Wen Jianliang raised his head, barely squeezed out a smile, If you can put an end darkcyan self balancing scooter to such a tragedy, Zhang Lan s death is valuable, right In the description of Wen Jianliang, his wife is a warm, cheerful, kind hearted snow self balancing scooter woman, love to say love to laugh, get along with others, not with others have feast or hatred. At the same time, and most women, like beauty, love beautiful clothes. I still remember her day look. Wen Jianliang sandwiched cigarettes, eyes always staring out the window, slow pace, to attend the party, specially dressed a lot of black woolen coat, rose red turtleneck, Jeans, short boots, whole body fragrant, and I also made fun of her 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 Wen Jianliang turned his head, his face with a smile, eyes began to pan. It is smug, said Wen Jianliang, pressing the cigarette butt into the ashtray. Now think about it, she is only thirty three and young. Parting, Wen Jianliang noticed Du into sallow face and sweat has been wet cheek, asked to open with concern. Du Cheng do Wisconsin self balancing scooter not want to talk about this, hastily said goodbye to leave. Back to the car, he fell on the steering Maine self balancing scooter wheel, feeling the pain of the liver Mood increasingly strong. He dug out of the b.htly staring at him. A few minutes later, a 116 bus slowly approaching. Lin Guodong row in front of the elderly carrying a basket of several people on the train, smart electric self balancing scooter went to the central compartment, took the ring stand. Luo Shaohua saw the bus away from the site, hurried trot across the street, waved a taxi stop, with the up. The driver said the sentence to keep up with the car in front of 116 Road , Luo Shaohua took out his cell phone, connected to the Internet, began to query the bus along the site. Analysis of Lin Guodong may get off a few sites, Luo Shaohua put away the phone and found the driver is constantly looked at himself. Father, you are Luo Shaohua almost blurted out police handling the case, the words, then to his mouth but changed grandson truancy, I went to see this kid to which Internet cafes. The words of the driver to open the box, from the education of children talk to the Internet cafe remediation. Luo Shaohua inadvertently and his chat, absent minded to deal with, eyes fixed on the front of the bus. After four stops, Lin Guodong in the Yangtze River Street Station and get off. Luo Shaohua let the driver parked in front of the bus not far from the place, see.

Snow Self Balancing Scooter hing to do.The murderer probably imitate the impulse , But found the ability to imitate the crime is not enough you snow self balancing scooter also noticed that he is in a very panic to complete the case of crime so there is no next time. Du Cheng did not say anything, the complexity of this matter has exceeded his imagination. Originally just traced an old case, now becomes two. The next what is the best self balancing scooter question is, the murderer seems to be behind the killer. And the relationship between the two men, really just imitate that simple He placed the dossiers of the two cases on the table, glancing back and forth. This action was Zhang Zhenliang see in the eyes, the latter hesitated, reaching out to the two files together in the pile. Master, Zhang Zhenliang said slowly, You say, this case from behind, why not cracked You know, we are engaged in the case, especially murder, are from the motivation to start, and then began to investigate the social relations around the victim. He pointed to the file This case is likely to be a random choice of victims, no motive to kill, naturally bad investigation. Is there nothing else Du Ducheng raised his head, just met Zhang Zhenliang meaningful eyes, he immediately realized that apprentice.ot large, about 10 square meters. Left against the wall placed five bucket kitchen and wardrobe, the right side of the window is a single bed, opposite a desk. Du Cheng looked at the wooden shelves on the table, which neatly stuck with a few English and mathematics textbooks. He reached for the snow self balancing scooter table and wiped it aliceblue self balancing scooter clean. Twenty three years ago, the old woman leaned against the door, Ming liang love clean, I rub every day. Du Chengliaoyisheng, turned and looked at smart balance wheel battery charging the single bed. Ordinary blue checkered sheets, has some discoloration. Quilt was Fangzheng positive, on the bed. Bedside wall close to a few posters, sports stars, there are swimsuit girl. That s the guy of that age, said the old woman, catching his eye. He s a good boy. Du did not make a sound, turned to look out the window. Here is an oldest district of the most peripheral, street, around four o clock in the afternoon, on both sides of the dim color of the buildings are restored to a snow self balancing scooter little life. Downstairs is a small market, a large number of cooked food and street snacks in this sale, flue gas curl. In the past, Du Cheng pointed downstairs, is not it like that Twenty years ago was a thermal power plant. The old woman st.

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