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South Self Balancing Scooter dong slowly along the roadside, walking around looking around. Soon, an empty taxi came. Lin Guodong beckoned to the car stopped, sat up. The taxi ran all the way down the deserted streets. The driver looked from South self balancing scooter time to time in the rearview mirror of the silent man. Street lights in turn flash in the car, the self-balancing scooter product specification man s face flickering. He always looked out the window, without a word, as if thinking about what the mind. The driver touched the door on the property bar, which has a large long handled screwdriver. The passengers to go places very strange, if not a bad business tonight, he will not take this one. However, the back seat of this guy seems to have more than 50 years old, physique is also South self balancing scooter general, even if he is South self balancing scooter moving what Wa Xinxin, is not difficult to deal with. Thought of this, the driver slightly peace of mind, secretly at the foot of force, just want to finish this trip as soon as possible two wheel electric self balancing scooter children, go back to bed early. Soon, the taxi out of the city. Street on both sides of the street gradually sparse, and finally completely gone. The passengers in the backseat had darkolivegreen self balancing scooter been completely hidden in the dark. The car is like a high speed rotation of the comet thrown out of the me.ubles. Only myself. Only for myself. How good this is. A burst of cold air poured into the room, but not annoying, on the contrary quite pleasant which mixed with meaty. Lin Guodong look down, downstairs is also open a small gas window, a large steam from the steam out of the faint, there are faint noise came. But also an South self balancing scooter unfinished banquet. Lin Guodong shut the window, standing hand in the bedroom. However, that kind of meat incense was not drift, still floating in the room. He sniffed the nose, which touched one of the switches in his memory. The child, what is skque self balancing scooter 8 wheels it Lin Guodong back and forth in the narrow room pacing up and down. Gradually, the face in my mind slowly clear. Round face, some superficial. Always shy expression, tension will sweat. Habitually rubbing the nose. Like the side of the body, sitting on the bed, bow back to recite the book. He returned to the computer, skillfully open the search engine, type three words. Instantly, tens of thousands of search results appear on the page. He skimmed through the first few lines not the child. Thought, Lin Guodong and type a keyword C City. Search results greatly reduced, however, still do not see the information he most lookin.

fter an emergency inspection, black plastic bags of hair was identified as pig hair. Moreover, the fingerprint inspection personnel in the middle of the plastic bag side found four clear left handed fingerprints, including a forefinger finger on the cross sectional marks, preliminary inferred that the index finger had suffered sharp injuries. This South self balancing scooter South self balancing scooter discovery makes everyone excited, especially the cluster of pig hair. There may be pig slaughtering or sales staff. Ma Jian immediately South self balancing scooter made a judgment, Simply put, butcher. On the right. Luo Shaohua support Ma Jian s views, Such people tend to have a small truck or something. Not very old, or not very long in this line, said Du, at least a few months ago, his tactics were not so good. Yes, Ma Jian South self balancing scooter s eyes shining, the index finger may be formed when the practice of hand injury. Is the occasion of the panel to discuss the case, another clue from the village to stay in the lower reaches of the police visited the feedback. According to the memories of a villager, at 7 00 on August 7, he got up and went to the toilet, had seen self balancing scooter buyer a car from the door and gallop, the direction of the road is the village water tower. For the model, in addition to hi.g. Wei Jiong fingers into the Du, mouth silently said I came to see him. The policeman nodded and motioned for him to find his chair. Wei Jiong put fruit basket on the corner, pulled a chair, sitting in the bed into Du Cheng. how is he The police look very ugly, did not answer, just gently shook his head. Wei Jiong look at the bed of Du into. The old man s body is reduced in the quilt, a few days not seen, his face lost a lot, except the abdomen high uplift. He seems to be asleep, breathing is not smooth. cool real self balancing scooter reviews Sometimes frown, sometimes teeth. Police looked at Wei Jiong, whispered South self balancing scooter Who are you Wei Jiong momentary language, he did not know how to describe themselves and Du into the relationship, thought, can only say I am his friend. Police did not speak, the eyes of the doubts even more. At this time, Du Cheng issued a long sigh. Then he licked his lips and whispered, Beam, water. Zhang South self balancing scooter Zhenliang hurriedly picked up the cupboard on the bedside table, inserted in one of the straw into Maryland self balancing scooter the mouth of Du into. Du into a few mouthfuls of smoke, slowly opened his eyes and immediately saw the bedside Wei Jiong. How did you come I heard you are sick, Wei Jiong barely smiled, Lao Ji mobility, let m. {

South Self Balancing Scooter can not help you to the dormitory. Oh, lavenderblush self balancing scooter nothing. Yue Xiaohui stop rejection scarf, reach out to, give me. Not for the time being. Wei Jiong to South self balancing scooter the library direction Nunu chin, can help you carry it there. Yue Xiaohui look at the past Candle volunteers Yes ah, the content of social practice. Where What about you Stray animal rescue station. Yue Xiaohui narrowed his eyes and laughed, I like what cats and dogs. When he finished, the girl thought of something like South self balancing scooter a racking his head Oh, I forgot to buy cat food. What about that Not afraid. Yue Xiaowen indifferent to say, big deal tomorrow morning slipped out to buy. There are two land law classes in the morning. It s okay to have my roommate cover up for me. Said, two people have come to the bus next to the bus. Several volunteers chatting around the car have to cast curious eyes. Wei Jiong pretending not seen, the shopping bags handed back to Yue Xiaohui. Thank you The girl waved at him friendly, I can not see tomorrow morning can not be surprised. Wei Jiong and her waved goodbye, turned on the bus, looking for a position near the window, watching the girl back away. 1 30, full of red candle volunteer service team bus to start on timecut off from the world, and died with hatred and resignation. hope South self balancing scooter You lit the ashes in my heart, said the old man, and his eyes suddenly appeared in a hawklike look, You make me feel that I have a chance to find the murderer. However, Wei Jiong still feel puzzled, What is this and Zhang Haisheng I need someone who can drive me unconditionally, said the old discipline s mouth with a smile, here is the equivalent of a cage, but I have to go out.In addition to Zhang Haisheng, no one can help me. Wei Jiong does not speak, still staring at him. I know this is not ethical, especially for the old Qin is not fair. Old Ji Wei Jiong know the mind, tone gradually worsened, I assure you that this matter to find out, I will be the first time to Zhang Haisheng The evidence of the rape is handed over to the police, but I can not trust Zhang Haisheng in terms of ability or character. Words here, the old discipline is no longer open, but looking forward to looking at self balancing scooter in walmart Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong upset. He is very aware of the intention of the old discipline In addition to Zhang Haisheng, Lao Ji also need a person to help him investigate the murder case. This person is Wei South self balancing scooter Jiong. In the situation in reason.

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