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Springgreen Self Balancing Scooter n a small high. He reluctantly Zaza Zui, raised his sleeve to wipe his forehead, felt a sweaty back, cool shirt attached to the body very uncomfortable. Fuck the son of a bitch. Du into a low voice cursed, You can not catch the absolute spare Two days ago, the branch of Interpol Battalion in a bath center for surprise darkred self balancing scooter springgreen self balancing scooter checks, the spot caught several crowd drug springgreen self balancing scooter addicts. After digging, a drug addicts account of the lightskyblue self balancing scooter ice by a man named fourth sold to him. The police believe that the so called fourth is likely to both drug and drug trafficking, and through the acquisition of mobile phone number to his nest in the West County Park lock. This location, must be accurate, otherwise difficult to catch people in the arrest and be stolen goods. Du slowly adjust the breathing, the body relax, the abdomen began to dull pain. He put his hand on the stomach and rubbed a few random, pain seems to alleviate some. People old, the parts are not used. But do not trouble me tonight. Is thinking, Du Cheng heard the stairs came subtle hush sound. He looked through the sound, a shadow from the fire door stuck half of the body, is washed himself waved. Lao Du, come here The eighth floor Yes, 8th floor, No. 3.Wei Jiong feel that they should help the old discipline. But, in front of the old man made him feel strange. Once that laid back, aloof, gentle and humorous old man, now like a ready made Falcon. In particular, when he used Zhang springgreen self balancing scooter Haisheng Henla, Wei Jiong that almost know before the old discipline is another person. however He thought of that woman named Feng Nan, think of that one less leg of the incomplete body, think of that woman died the night. Thought of this trapped in the cage twenty three years old. Think of the murderer who is still at large. Wei Jiong turned, watching the springgreen self balancing scooter old discipline, word by word, said Ok. Chapter 16 The Ghost On the Spot Analysis of the 10.28 Case of Murder and Brief case October 28, 1992 7 25 Xu, Dongjiang springgreen self balancing scooter Street and Yanbian Road intersection at the center of 200 meters green belt found in black plastic bags of human right thigh compiled as 1, the same below. At 8 30 on October 28 Xu, in the urban construction garden near the main entrance of the springgreen self balancing scooter 150 meters near the grass found in black plastic bags of female torso 2. At 10 50 on the same day, at the junction of Nanjing North Street and Stone Bridge, the trash cans Road East were found with black.

e on the phone, only five o clock, I have the route are planned, and also about forty minutes by car. She put the phone navigation springgreen self balancing scooter page to see Du. But Du did not even have a look, straightforwardly refused No, I ll send you home. Paladin SUV exit 45 secondary school parking, stainless steel electric folding door slowly closed behind. Besides, the place of mental hospital, not you should go. Along the springgreen self balancing scooter way, Yue Xiaohui are pouting, look unhappy look. Wei Jiong do not know how to comfort her, also had to silence. Du attention is clearly not in their body, every parking, he will take out the phone to view, it seems that waiting for news. magenta self balancing scooter Open to Yue Xiaohui home cell door, Du into the stop, turned and said After all, we just suspect him, there is no sufficient evidence to understand it Wei Jiong nodded. Yue Xiaohui has been looking out the window. Du looked at Yue Xiaohui eat dinner Yue Xiaohui obviously still angry, jumped out of the car, but do not go, looking at Wei Jiong. Line. Du Cheng is no longer insisted, indicating Wei Jiong closed the door. At this time, Yue Xiaohui suddenly said Wait She pointed to Wei Jiong I want to say a few words to him. Oh Du some inexplicable, turned to.was dim. Wei Jiong find the light switch, press down, but no response. He shook his head and opened the door to its maximum. With the living room through the faint light penetration, Wei Jiong looked at this narrow space of less than five square meters. Walls and floors are covered with white tiles, ceiling segway self balancing scooter is white aluminum plastic plate. Because of age and neglect of clean, tiles and aluminum plastic panels are beginning to yellow the edge of the corner has grown a black mold. Washbasin edge of soap, toothpaste and two randomly disposed toothbrush. There are still some water stains in the basin, mixed with dust, look deeppink self balancing scooter dirty. The west side of the wall is a single bathtub, ceramic material, the same water stained cylinder block, looks for a long time have not been used. Wei Jiong with both hands springgreen self balancing scooter in the bathtub edge, leaned down, carefully in the bathtub to see, then, turned around and looked opposite the bedroom. He walked out of the bathroom, went straight to the bedroom, looking around, lying on the floor, looked to the bed. In addition to the thick dust, the bed empty. Wei Jiong kneel to climb up, pat the palm, thought, went to the living room. Living room sofa in addition to a ha.long time, the old woman cries gradually. She wiped her eyes and breathed a long breath. Where is the old horse I m going to see him. Sister in law, you still do not go. DuanHongQing cheeky, take care of their own body. No, the old woman categorically refused. Immediately, the voice choked up, springgreen self balancing scooter I can not let him alone Duan Hongqing see Du Cheng, who gently nodded his head. He pressed the pager on the table, so that the Secretary to the old woman to the funeral home. After the old woman left, the office once again restored the dead silence. Duan Hongqing sitting in the desk after a long self balancing scooter segway Kentucky self balancing scooter while, got up and Luo Shaohua Du and pour a glass of water. Then, he pulled a chair, sitting opposite the sofa, eyes glanced back and forth in the two men s self balancing electric scooter walmart face. Last night in the end is how the matter, why Ma Jian at the scene We leray self balancing scooters all know. Du Chengheng snorted, to Luo Shaohua Nu Nu mouth, he is more clear. Duan Hongqing swept the Luo Shaohua one. The latter finally move, bending, bow, hands in the hair, uttered a sigh. Why did Ma Jian know that I would go to Metropark Ducheng stared at him tightly. Are you tipped off He did not need to mess around with me, Luo said, his head on his knees, his.

Springgreen Self Balancing Scooter d out from the cafe, can see a large number of dignified expression of the police around the door, from time to time to spy on the interior. Various reports, the sound of the command issued mixed with the current sound of the walkie talkie, from the broken glass door into the cafe, the endless. In this atmosphere, four people sitting around the table, eat and drink in silence. Old Ji eat both slow and less. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui have no appetite, each eating a donut, a small mouth sipping juice. Lin Guodong actually put a pair of ready to fight the situation, his hands together, the big bite. However, his eating is both ugly and crazy, every kind of food only to eat a few mouthfuls on the lost, and then reach out and grab another. Soon, all kinds of leftover food in his scattered around the ground. Gradually, Lin Guodong also could not eat. His name burp, wiping his mouth, to hand out the hand to Ji Qian Kun. Is there any smoke Ji Qiankun to see him, reaching in the pockets of groping, and really found a box of cigarettes and lighters. springgreen self balancing scooter He ignored Lin Guodong, but handed the cigarette Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong take the hint, out of springgreen self balancing scooter a cigarette to Lin Guodong, and help him lit. Ji Qian.ation. His expression looked very puzzled, shook his head, walked outside the courtyard. Just out of the iron gate, Wei Jiong to see the wall leaning against a person, turned out to be Yue Xiaohui. How do you come Wei Jiong looked at her in shock. Yue Xiaohui gauze still on the neck, the whole person looks very tired. I know you will be here. Yue Xiaohui to small building Nu Nui mouth, see the old discipline No. Wei Jiong shook his New self balancing scooter head, is said to be sick, not behind closed doors. Yue Xiaohui face can not see the expression, she went to the iron gate, far from the room Jianguankun the window, without a word. Yue Xiaohui suddenly sighed, without looking back to the roadside, springgreen self balancing scooter waving stopped a taxi. Come with me. Along the way, Yue Xiaohui always silent. Wei Jiong several times to ask questions, did not dare to speak. The girl s original kind of solid things, and now become more and more hard, almost like a helmet in general, not broken. Half an hour later, the taxi stopped in a residential area outside. Yue Xiaohui Fuqing fare, self care from the car, walked to the district. Wei Jiong on the unknown, can only be closely followed behind her. Into the park, Yue Xiaohui looked at the fl.

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