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Steelblue Self Balancing Scooter e Du into the back of the water tower, is far from watching the piece of farmland behind the village road, heard Ma Jian s question, casually replied Do not go back, the first busy here. Would you like to call home Do not. Du turned to wipe a face of the rain, smiled, She is used to it. As well. Ma Jian apparently hope he can stay to help, finish the case, let you leave a few days Colts Exclaimed a surveyor, Come Ma Jian rushed to the past how There is 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale Exclaimed the investigator s voice, You see He pointed to the bottom of the steelblue self balancing scooter black plastic bag, in a pool of bloody water, a bunch of hair looming. what is this Do not know for the time being, the inspector carefully gripped the hair with tweezers, observing, But certainly not human hair. Quickly extract Ma Jian pinch fist, Fuck this bastard finally left something. More than that, said the surveyor, showing his hand to his coworkers, Gold powder and tape, hurry up. He pointed to the middle of the plastic bag. The fingerprints were found. Back to the bureau, the extraction of the hair and fingerprints were urgently censorship. Ma Jian left a group of people at the scene to visit the villagers, Du Cheng continued to contemplate t.Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui are stepping on the lawn of the terrazzo pedal, far to the side here. Hey, Lao Du, you said Yue Xiaohui recorded video, will be left alone to the Wei Jiong left Ji Qiankun narrowed his eyes and smiled, I think these two children quite fit ah. In the cafe , Knowing that there are bombs, Wei Jiong also refused to leave Yue Xiaohui. Ji kun kun said, did not realize, in his side of the rear, Du has been lying on the bench. I heard that they intend to go to the civil service exam after graduation, do the police, I feel very appropriate.No children, it is estimated that steelblue self balancing scooter the case can not break. I really want to have the opportunity to see them wearing police uniforms, In the afternoon sun, Ji steelblue self balancing scooter Qiankun see Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui all the way laughing side by side. The boy took the fruit basket steelblue self balancing scooter that the girl was carrying. Encounter a large span of terrazzo pedal, the boy will reach out, pull the girl, then did not let go. The boy is also shy, the girl is openly, also took out the paper towel and handed the boy, motioned him to wipe the sweat on his forehead. Looking at them, Ji Qiankun feel great happiness and satisfaction. In his eyes, the young men and women.

r. Zhu before steelblue self balancing scooter retirement Luo Shaohua did not listen to him finished, hung up the phone. Regardless of whether or not to understand the reasons for Lin Guodong discharged, he has now reintegrated into society, this is a have to greenyellow self balancing scooter face the reality. Decades of Interpol career taught Luo Shaohua many things, one of which is not to have unrealistic fantasies about anything. He has to do the worst of the pre judgment, and he has to do is to make every effort to prevent this pre sentence into reality. Luo Shaohua launched the car, he knows he has lost the professional to bring him a lot of convenience and power, so he should be prepared in advance. He is not clear is that, at the moment, Lin Guodong is standing in the window of Unit 4, 501, quietly watching him and that dark blue Santana sedan, his face with a faint smile. Chapter Six Friends Old Ji is not in the room. Wei Jiong put the rag on the back of the chair, dry hands in the jeans, wondering whether to wait in the room and other old discipline. Is thinking, Zhang Haisheng came in carrying a mop door and saw Wei Jiong, but also surprised a moment. What about the steelblue self balancing scooter old Do not know. Wei Jiong honestly replied, I just came. This ol.again. After listening to Ji Qiankun, look slightly dignified, a limegreen self balancing scooter little pondered about, the right skyblue self balancing scooter color of Du Cheng said Du police officers, I let these two children to smart electric self balancing scooter go to steal the files were nothing to do with them. Du waved his hand, it seems that this matter does not care This thing does not belong to me, but He narrowed his upper body to his face and stared at each other s face. Why are you going to see the file twenty three years ago Do you still use the question Ji Qiankun looked back at Du without hesitation, you arrested the wrong person, kill my wife s murderer, still at large. Du into the face can not see the expression, always staring Ji Qiankun So I want to catch him. Ji Qiankun s eyes bright and piercing, it s that simple. Du into the body sit up, lit a cigarette, the line of sight from the face of heaven and earth moved to the legs can not let go Never put down. Ji Qiankun smiled, You are not the same, otherwise, why do you and Wei Jiong to see the same file it Du Cheng Yi Leng, then laughed. Yeah, he said, staring at his knee and shaking his head, No place. I have to say thank you very much, said Ji Qiankun, in a tone of sincerity, I heard that when you in a noisy environment, rhetoric. Yue Xiaohui just simply ah ah response, the expression has gradually become dignified. Finally, she asked, Where Ah, I know, and hung up. steelblue self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui turned to face Ji Qiankun, look apologetic I m sorry, old discipline, I am a little thing, have to go first. It s all right, said the old man, hastily bowing to him, You re busy, you re willing to help, and I m very grateful. In addition, Yue Xiaohui refers to Wei Jiong, he had to go with me. Sitting in a taxi, Yue Xiaohui just said, I m sorry, I would like to ask you to do a favor, no longer open, and always care gills, watching the window trance. Wei Jiong looked at her reflection in the window, the heart is full of steelblue self balancing scooter doubts, but dare not rashly asked. In fact, the destination of the trip is where, and Banggemang What is the specific content, Wei Jiong is not very concerned about. To his curiosity is Yue Xiaohui series of murder case unexpectedly enthusiastic. He always forget that, in the empty steelblue self balancing scooter section of the library corridor, when he hesitates to tell the old commissioned the matter, Yue Xiaoyui eyes radiating light. Wei Jiong already knew she was not a simple girl. However, Yue Xiaohui in this ma.

Steelblue Self Balancing Scooter ime self-balancing scooter fastest helpless, the last finger into the Du, Lao Du let me to monitor Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua Monitoring he has a fart Duan Hongqing to take the piece of paper on the table, first check this. Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen steelblue self balancing scooter Liang together in the past and found that it is a print of urban residents information. Kuancheng Branch took over the case. Duan Hongqing s voice also with a slight panting, last night, someone in the city under the overpass was robbed of the wallet.The victim is called Zhou Fuxing, according to his description of the characteristics of the suspect And Lin Guodong highly consistent. Highlight blurted out He s in the wide city The key is not this. Duan Hongqing glared a glance, There are hundreds of dollars in cash in the wallet, as the bank cards are useless to Lin Guodong, the only value is He pressed his hand on steelblue self balancing scooter the print. ID card. Jinfeng carrying a cup of hot tea, in the study on the door gently knocked twice. The room did not respond. She sighed, pushing the door into the room. Study in the curtains closed, light dark, airy. In the table lamp according to the mapping, a large group of flue gas to Luo Shaohua Yingyingchaochao. steelblue self balancing scooter He sat at the desk, his left hand suppor.alf down, as if immersed in a deeppink self balancing scooter memory difficult to extricate themselves. Three people look at each other, are no longer open, quietly watching Ji Qiankun. A long while, Ji Qiankun finally recovered. He took a deep breath, looked up and looked at the remaining three, some embarrassed smile. This is the taste, yes. Ji Qiankun reach for wallet, Xiao Hui, how much money I give you reimbursement. No, I bought their own paint. Yue Xiaohui waved his hand, You just talk cadetblue self balancing scooter about I went to meet once again Yang Guiqin is Xu Mingliang s mother. Du into the table of information, security self balancing scooter she gave me a list of the above and Xu Mingliang contacts more closely. In other words , That is, he may send the pork to the other person. Du Chengxiang Wei Jiong Yang Yang chin According to your speculation. Wei Jiong s face suddenly became red I just casually said. You have a good idea, Du smiled, if you can get rid of other possibilities, even then incredible, but also the final truth. He turned to Ji Qiankun These two children are quite competent. Yes ah. Ji Qiankun looked steelblue self balancing scooter at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, eyes soft, I am very lucky. Wei Jiong increasingly embarrassed. Yue Xiaohui s attention has been in that data. Not self balancing scooter segway too.

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