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Tennessee Self Balancing Scooter w down the stairs, Luo Shaohua feel tears in the face of arbitrary flow. Before the last moment, he could only allow himself to be vulnerable for a little while. When he walked out the door of the moment, the tears have been dry, red eyes burning only hate. Luo Shaohua took out the lighter, from the bag out of that kraft paper portfolio, ignited one corner, thrown into the Yong Road side of the trash. Tennessee self balancing scooter He wants to Ma Jian revenge, at the same time, to bring all the Tennessee self balancing scooter possible stigma for the Ma Jian to destroy everything, including the kraft paper portfolio of evidence. And the man. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, 13 10, Lin Guodong distance and time to meet there are 40 minutes. He lit a cigarette, walked to the roadside Santana sedan walked. Well Wei Jiong s eyes suddenly stared. He flips the phone, the opposite of the man downstairs and the phone in the picture for comparison. Yes, that is, Luo Shaohua. He quickly leaned over to push Yue Xiaohui. The girl sat in a fruit box, back against his legs, sleep is incense. Luo Shaohua Tennessee self balancing scooter for several days did not go out. To be sure, Wei Tennessee self balancing scooter Jiong and Yue Xiaohui every day to monitor the back to school late. A few days down, Wei Jiong gradually feel p.Shaohua looked up, surprised to find that men are sitting in the back center. Luo Shaohua lost cigarette butts, rush to start the car, followed. Van only driving less Tennessee self balancing scooter than five minutes away, parked in the residential area of a residential bamboo. Luo Shaohua did not continue to keep up, because he is well aware of the residential area, but at the moment the green bamboo monosodium glutamate plant logistics officers are taking a man to 22 units 4 501 room. This is the father of royalblue self balancing scooter men from the monosodium glutamate plant was the welfare smart electric self balancing scooter of housing, is the only legacy of the parents left to men. During his hospitalization, the property was kept by MSG. About half an hour later, the van pulled out of the area, the man is no longer in the car. Luo Shaohua launched the car, slowly into the Green Bamboo Court area, straight down to 22 downstairs. 4 unit. Luo Shaohua with memory, effortlessly to find that window. At the moment, painted blue wooden windows open greatly, can see the gray cloth curtains in the cold wind can not shake. Luo Shaohua stared at the window looked for a while, took out his cell phone, dialed a number. A few seconds later, a male voice in the handset Hey, Luo police off.

In the blood paste live in the eye, the coldness is completed. Lin Guodong s laughter and rustling behind the footsteps of men recovered. He knew his whole body was exposed to each other s knives. But he can not do anything, any action may lead to their own and girls are falling downstairs. Time is pressing, but only two options First, as soon as the girl pulled up, once she was safe, Lin Guodong against themselves more than enough Suspended in the air girl crumbling. Survival of the instinct to let her desperately pulled up the man s sleeves. She did not dare to look down, but can not imagine that twenty meters under the ground how hard. Her right wrist was firmly seized by the man. The girl s legs kicked in the air, twisting, while trying to stretch the left hand also tried to make their own more secure. In her top, can see the man stuck out half of the body and rose red face. The man also stretched his left hand down, want to seize the girl s hand. However, the fingers of the two sides met several times, but still can not hold. Suddenly, the girl has been wiggling in the Tennessee self balancing scooter air stopped. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the oblique rear of the man. Quick The girl struggled againe other hand, because Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua Henla and refused. To themselves can be safe and sound, they actually watched the girl killed Wei Jiong look of incredible expression, This is his mother or man Du into a snort, noncommittal. Yue Xiaohui Daoshi first calm down, thought, spoke and said They think that only Lin Guodong again committing the crime in order to have the opportunity to win him Ah. Du Cheng nodded, and reasonable and legitimate , no evidence of death. Yue Xiaohui silent for a while, Pie Piezui really is the case. brass self balancing scooter So we are in a very orange self balancing scooter difficult situation. Tennessee self balancing scooter Du frowned, Lin Guodong home may have evidence to stay, but unlikely.We can not openly investigate him, or once alarmed him, this son of Tennessee self balancing scooter a bitch maybe Ran away. So to say, Wei Jiong pondering for a long time, the tone reveals anxious, it is self balancing scooter china impossible to find enough evidence ah. Maybe not, we go back and then stroke the case of a stroke, may be able to find ideas and a breakthrough. Du into the wound, Luo Shaohua over there, I think of a way. Well, we have new discoveries, feel free to contact you. Well, Du turned to start the car, suddenly remembered one thing, and turned around, Yes, Wei Jiong, I taught you the.many people. Well, Xu Mingliang relatively simple interpersonal relationships during his lifetime. Du Cheng also turned to a small wooden table, I screened the list a bit, two have died, are due to age, natural death. They are close to the incident Sixty years old, and basically can be ruled out. Other people Yue Xiaohui staring at Du into, look focused. We are lucky. Du Cheng picked up the list and looked at the handwriting outlined above, one best self balancing scooters on the market of which has been moved to other cities, you can find a friend to help look up the other leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel several, still living in the city. Well, when do we start the investigation Immediately from the beginning of a small age to check. Du suddenly thought of what, looked at Yue Xiaohui, You are also active than the old Ji ah. Oh Yue Xiaohui immediately sat up straight body, we have to aliceblue self balancing scooter open it. You two do not delay classes. Ji Qiankun interrupted, Then I was too sorry. Anyway, seven or eight individuals need to investigate, will not take too long. Yue Xiaohui rejection of hair, Yes, Du police officers Du into just look at her, did not speak. You clean up very clean house Well. Chen took off his coat, readily placed on the sofa, is the house a bit old. Lin G.

Tennessee Self Balancing Scooter pushed open. Tennessee self balancing scooter Guodong, do you sleep Lin Guodong unscrew the faucet, while crazy grabbed the three pieces of stump into the plastic bag, while trying to suppress the trembling voice. Mom, are you back I m in the shower. Oh, said the voice in the living room, taking off his shoes and putting Tennessee self balancing scooter a satchel, I ll come back and take some clothes.Your uncle is ill, and I ll take care of him for a few days. Well, I know. Lin Guodong mouth to cope with, tearing the yellow tape, the bag in the bag on the fast wound. After parcels, he picked up the plastic bag, thrown into the tub, then kicked the toolbox below the bath cabinet. Immediately, he turned off the faucet, jumped into the bathtub, splashed up on the shower curtain, open the shower. Cold water sprayed out, playing in the black plastic bag, issued a crackling sound. Lin Guodong bent over, in the cold water erosion, struggling to push the pile of paleturquoise self balancing scooter black plastic bags to the corner of the bathtub. Water temperature began to rise, Luo Shaohua standing Tennessee self balancing scooter under the shower, quickly washed the body s blood. Light red water slowly gathered at his feet, and finally, the name of the vortex, disappeared in the mouth of the water. At this time, the bathr.ed Tennessee self balancing scooter again, a light appears at the corner, from far and near, more and more obvious air began to crest on the Tennessee self balancing scooter platform. Luo Shaohua has been aware of these, the only thing he can do is stare at the opposite Lin Guodong, meaningless roar. Suddenly, Lin Guodong raised his right hand, the index finger in the lips, made a silence to his gestures. Luo Shaohua suddenly stopped, the upper body still leaning over the plastic Weidang, staring at each other s every move. Lin Guodong left out from his pocket, lift, pop sound shot in front of the plastic weidang. A blood red fingerprints appear in Weidang. blood. Bright red blood. Constantly dripping, flowing blood. Luo Shaohua s head bang, the last trace of the remaining reason also disappeared. Luo Ying He tried his best to hit the plastic enclosure. Look, two. Weidang shaking up, the final deformation. Electric control along the door along a gap that separates a wide. Luo Shaohua withdrew from the bag retractable batons, throwing, insert the gap in the electric gate, the force prying pressing what are you doing Accompanied by a roar of surprise and anger, two subway security officer rushed over. Luo Shaohua nothing to hear, eyes only g.

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