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Thistle Self Balancing Scooter ere Wei Jiong photo team standing on the edge, is turned behind to see the three story small building, until next to the boys took him, he realized that he was the students. Ponytail girls white at him, raised his camera. one two Three eggplant At this time when thistle self balancing scooter the lunch time, three small building filled with a strange mixture of taste. Carefully to distinguish, you will find this taste in rice, garlic, potatoes and cabbage. In addition, there must be something to mix these unusual ingredients to a sticky texture, heavy pressure on the body, people unhappy. Wei Jiong do not know what it is, but it can clearly feel its weight. Even in the hands of only a pack of paper towels, thistle self balancing scooter he still felt hands and feet tingling up. The ponytail girl was feeding an old woman. Old women may have Parkinson s disease, the head has been kept shaking, while the ponytail girl is also a lack of Utah self balancing scooter experience, fed to the old lady s mouth most of the food scattered on her skirt. Therefore, Wei Jiong s task is to keep old women with paper towels to wipe his mouth. Although this task is simple, the frequency of action is self-balancing-scooter very high. He slightly distracted, it will be ponytail girls impatiently urged. And finally.idea. Lin Guodong is also a contact with Xu Mingliang people, and he is a middle school teacher, handsome face, talk about the text, easy to get women s trust and goodwill, in line with the police then the suspects what is the best self balancing scooter portrayed. As for the grievances between Lin Guodong and Pan Xiaojin, although it is difficult to determine the details, but at least you can think of a possibility, that is, thistle self balancing scooter a class of women both admiration and hatred of the mentality desire to possession, and hate. This type of women s common label, is used by Pan Xiaojin Lady Butterfly perfume. Wei Jiong to see Du into the face, tentatively asked Du police officers, do you think this Lin Guodong Well, Du thought, from the current point of view, his greatest suspicion. Then what are we waiting for Yue Xiaohui suddenly spoke, to the mental hospital. Wei Jiong was surprised to see Yue Xiaohui. All day, she is a depressed, depressed look. I did not expect that after lunch, her sense of excitement came back. Especially from the 45 secondary school out, Yue Xiaohui become emotional, is simply eager. No, Du said, raising his hand to launch the car. It s too late today and tomorrow. Now go. Yue Xiaohui look at thistle self balancing scooter the tim.

for a while, eat lunch, and nap for half an hour or so. Luo Shaohua had secretly checked his trash bag thrown in the door, did not find anything unusual. This morning, Luo Shaohua days off to get up. Because from yesterday s tracking results, Lin Guodong is not in front of the computer for a long time to beat, but to browse the majority, and occasionally think for a while, type a few characters. Luo Shaohua realized that he probably has completed the work, the ongoing proofreading and revision. Well, today is probably his delivery date. Therefore, he skque self balancing scooter reviews should start early to ensure that Lin Guodong can keep up with him in the door, and finally find out where he worked. Luo Shaohua wearing clothes while feeling, before retiring, to determine the whereabouts of Lin Guodong is easy. Unfortunately, now different, a lot of means and duties on the conditions can not be used, can only be used to track the most stupid way. Time is black friday self balancing scooter walmart still early, the street has not begun to operate early amortization. Luo Shaohua the night before has been Aohao porridge, and then a few hot buns, prepare two side dishes on the line. He lemonchiffon self balancing scooter went to the kitchen, open the reheat function of the rice cooker, and remove th.first floor of the thistle self balancing scooter main shopping malls is a variety of jewelry, watches, brand counters. Lin Guodong one by one over the counter to see the past, occasionally stop to listen to other customers and salesman to talk, his face is always a touch of friendly smile. Probably because listening too focused, he caused a pair of young men and women are buying diamond ring attention. Young man looked at him from time to time, the girl put the bag to the front, tightly clutching. Lin Guodong thistle self balancing scooter not agree, smiled, holding Coke slowly leisurely to leave. Upstairs, Lin Guodong has encountered some small trouble. He looked at the escalator and hesitated, and finally stood by to see the other customers climb the escalator one by one. After pondering for a while, he carefully set foot on the escalator moment, Lin Guodong body lost balance in the narrow pedal dancing a lot, he barely grabbed the arm rest. Escalator rose to the second floor, his breath, watching the end of the pedal gradually close together, exaggerated jump, almost in the smooth marble floor fall. Surprisingly, that can always be his cans of Coke firmly pinch in his hand, did not spill a drop. The second thistle self balancing scooter floor mainly sells women s clothi.p the phone, took out a pen. What is your address The door opened the moment, Wen Jianliang to recognize the Du into. I remember you, now you are sturdy than now, hair is also more. Du into laugh all over the past two decades, and now I am the old man. Wen Jianliang is also a lot of old, was originally opened on March 7 separately, and now combed thistle self balancing scooter neatly to the back of the head. Gray woolen cardigan stretched in the raised belly, the lower body is a dark blue wool trousers, feet are cotton slippers, a retired at home, the image of the elderly for their later years. Wen Jianliang to Du into the living room, greeted him sitting on the sofa. Taking advantage of his time to tea, Du Cheng got up in this Sanshiliangting the house and turned. See, Wen Jianliang and his son live together, his family fairly rich. Balcony hung a bird cage, living room southeast corner of a long few, placed above the ink pen and ink, it is estimated that he retired after the pastime. In short, Wen Jianliang is now living a peaceful and peaceful life. Soon, Wen Jianliang carrying two cups thistle self balancing scooter out, but also with a box of cigarettes. I remember you are smoking. Wen Jianliang out of a cigarette and handed Du thistle self balancing scooter Cheng, spe.

Thistle Self Balancing Scooter okshelf. Said that the bookshelf, in fact, just a ride between the bed and the end of the bed between the wood, above some of the neatly placed all kinds of books, both sides of the fixed by the iron book. Wei Jiong swept again and found that the reading range of Ji Qiankun more special almost no novel class of leisure reading materials, all legal, criminological and criminal investigation of teaching materials and monographs. This old man very strange. Wei Jiong whispered in the heart I do not know why the past, such a great age, the body is not good, but why these things interested. A sigh to pull his thoughts back. Wei Jiong turned his head, see Ji Qiankun to close the book heavily, frowning. No content of the 1979 Criminal Law Ji kun suddenly a wry smile, is, 97 years of criminal law applied for almost 20 years, who will study this Why do you want to self-balancing scooter useful hint find out this Wei Jiong could not help but ask, You do not want to go thistle self balancing scooter to the judicial examination, right Ha ha, of course not. Ji Qiankun laughed, interested in it. impossible. Wei Jiong heart question mark greater. Only interest dictates, will not let such a rich experience of the elderly so eager and gaffe. Wei Jiong, Ji Q.gh, you say with a small paragraph, I go first. Ma Jian folder into the armpit, thought, and asked Road, Do not let this person know, after all, is a private matter, Ok Highlighted again and again promised, his eyes kept aiming at the door of the conference room. Ma Jian patted his shoulder, got up and went to the door. Just opened the door, and thistle self balancing scooter a hurry came in the face of a person hit. Come gasping, seems to be trot all the way over. Ma Jian looked pale, puffy, full of sweaty face, suddenly stunned. The child Du into the sleeves deeppink self balancing scooter wipe his sweat, tired face filling a trace of a smile. Ma, long time no see. Yes ah. Today passing Bureau, on the look. Ma Jian quickly returned to normal, I heard you sick, serious Hepatocellular carcinoma, late. Du is just a short answer, did not see Ma Jian suddenly surprised expression, a rare trip, sit down and talk. He pulled over a chair and sat down and took the cigarette case and placed it on the table. smart balance wheel battery charging Ma Jian did not move, but frowned and looked at him, softly asked When found Do surgery In that moment, Du into his eyes to see the concern from the thistle self balancing scooter heart. mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter This look has not been twenty three years. Those days, such as water and fire, as if by a bad.

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