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Tomato Self Balancing Scooter k plastic bag size of 47cm 35cm. The deceased no clothes, no other proof of identity items. Characterized by the suspect The suspect with a knife cut into pieces, when the corpse from the major joints off, but the sub corpse practices are not very skilled, indicating that the suspects have some anatomical knowledge, but the first crime. All the dead bodies are tightly wrapped, and no fingerprints, hair, the body of the deceased has not extracted to other biological evidence, that suspects careful thought, with a certain anti detection experience, the possibility of living alone. The more corpse chocolate self balancing scooter sites dispersed, indicating that the suspects own means of transport, with driving skills. Each part of the dead body has a certain weight, and the deceased who have less resistance to injury, the suspects should be leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel young men, in a short period of time that is controlled the deceased, and complete the rape and tomato self balancing scooter homicide process work progress The next day, at 12 30 on November 12, 1990, the city residents Wen Jianliang went to my bureau to identify the body, to determine the deceased his wife Zhang Lan female, 33 years old, live in Tiedong District Pingjiang Road 87 Locomotive factory fami.Lin Guodong into the Yangtze River block, he paid a fare to get off. Changjiang Street is one of the city s tomato self balancing scooter commercial pedestrian street, this time about 9 am, most of the commercial buildings have been opened for business. In the memory of Luo Shaohua, Changjiang Street from the reform and opening up has been the city s main business district, one of several major commercial buildings is more than two decades of history. At the same time, he also realized that Lin Guodong reason to get off here. Lin tomato self balancing scooter Guodong is trying to fill the gaps in his memory, and Commercial Street is clearly the best window to re understand the city. He stood in the middle of the pedestrian street entrance, his hands in his pocket, looked up around the high rise buildings. Deep winter cold volume, the hypertrophy of the pants were blown affixed to the legs, sketched out slightly curved legs shape. At the moment the pedestrian street is still deserted, not many pedestrians, and all look in a hurry, no one to pay attention to this tomato self balancing scooter outdated clothing has a look of a novel expression of the elderly. Lin Guodong looked in situ for a while, heels into a recent commercial. He walked slowly, always looking around, see.

eng straight up the elevator, careful to avoid acquaintances, so again the disease statement again, listen to a bunch of comfort people. Half an hour later, Du tomato self balancing scooter Cheng returned home. Open the door of the moment, a musty mixed with ash group blowing. Du into tomato self balancing scooter a small whisper, sucking the nose, went straight to the kitchen. Gas stove on the pot, the half pot egg noodles have been born Lvmao. Du into the noodles into the trash, the pot and clean brush. Subsequently, he opened the refrigerator, took out a withered green onions, cut a little chopped green onion, the pot heat, put oil, put the green onion into the pan of the moment, sound, smoke, filled with There was anger in the dusty little house. Du fried a few times, add water, cover the lid. Waiting for the water mediumseagreen self balancing scooter to open the work, Du into the rag to pick up the cleaning began, just clean the table, the liver began to dull pain. His face met with sweat, managed to draw a picture frame on the chest, wipe clean, put a wiping cloth, sitting at the table breathing. Sitting for a while, gas stove on the iron pot came a gurgling sound, big steam from the edge of the lid to emerge. Du into the refrigerator from an egg, knock open, thrown teaching materials read the land grandmother , thoughts but not to come back. His heart is pathetic old discipline. Old Ji sun, reading, smoking, cooking their own, no need to explore a legal where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter issue, are in their little time left, struggling against the fate. He tried to cultivate a flower of hope in a prisonerlike life, coral self balancing scooter growing it alone, blooming tomato self balancing scooter happily, and persuading himself, in bright colors and subtle florals, that I was not old. Even if I can not walk, only in the iron gate after watching the secular fireworks, but I still belong to the world. Yue Xiaohui missing a day, until dinner, Wei Jiong was in the cafeteria to see her. Although the body is tired, but Yue Xiaohui looks good spirit. Queuing a meal, she saw Wei Jiong, smiled at him waved his hand. A few minutes later, Yue best self balancing scooter brand Xiaohui carrying a few plastic bags came, sat opposite Wei Jiong. Worn out. To take care of cats and dogs it Wei Jiong raised his head to see Yue Xiaohui unscrewed a bottle of ice tea, Guldu to drink a small bottle. Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui took out another bottle of ice tea, and handed Wei Jiong, Please you. Thank you. Wei Jiong removed the plate, you eat it Eaten. chocolate self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui hee hee, and the kittens to e.pen the door, rushed to come in anger. See three people in the room, the president tomato self balancing scooter first surprised a moment, then bluntly asked What are you doing Without waiting for them to answer, the president went straight to the old discipline, said Old Ji, let s talk. When he finished, he waved to Zhang Haisheng You go out. Zhang Haisheng put the ink bottle back in place, looked old Ji one, eyes complex, then opened the door and walked out without a word. Dean Qi Xiuxiu to Hashao standing in situ, looked at Wei Jiong, at the very beginning asked Who are you My friend, Lao Ji replied calmly. You go out Dean impatiently waved to Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong stood up, just go, he was old with gestures to stop. He is here. Old Ji s voice is not high, but with a strong and resolute, You have something to say. Dean s face was up bruising, hold for a long while, spit out from the teeth of the words old discipline, you quite have the ability ah. Lao bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Ji smiled Thank you. You fucking can not say hello to me Dean was old Ji s tomato self balancing scooter smile completely angered, rushed straight to him, almost to his tomato self balancing scooter forehead together, have to direct the police Now the yard A mess on both sides of his mother to find me Dean, old Ji raised.

Tomato Self Balancing Scooter can live a few days, your mother is to support, have to support me to Lin Guodong justice that day Wei Jiong pushed the door of the ward, but found that Yue Xiaohui no one on the bed. He looked at the remaining half of the liquid infusion bottle and hanging in the tomato self balancing scooter air of the needle, turned to the nurse station. Duty nurses do not know the whereabouts of Yue Xiaohui. Wei Jiong took out his cell phone, call Yue Xiaohui phone number, ring for a long time, she has refused to answer. Wei Jiong reluctantly hung up the phone, ready to find tomato self balancing scooter her layer by layer. Just a few steps, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of the wall of smoking prohibition, thought, went straight to the hospital. The yard is not big, Wei Jiong soon in the flower bed side of the bench found Yue Xiaohui. She was only dressed in sick clothes, tuck sat on the bench smoking. Wei Jiong called her, lawngreen self balancing scooter quickly ran over. Yue Xiaohui tomato self balancing scooter to look to the sound, then turned to face to face to face. Wei Jiong went to her side, grabbed her arm You re crazy Dressed so little, will be cold Yue Xiaohui throw off his hand, still in front of the visual, but also lit a cigarette. Wei Jiong silently stood for a while, took down jacket, draped ove.g do tutoring. She came here, is to return to the teacher at that time lend her son a few reference books. The two old lady s focus is naturally Yang Guiqin this year s life. Speaking of sad, Yang Guiqin is tears Lian Lian. Old woman got up to get a towel, Luo Shaohua also found at the door. Oh, I forgot to ask. Old woman hurried to greet him, you are Luo Shaohua do not know how to introduce themselves. Yang Guiqin first opened his mouth You go first, later I go home. I ll wait for you. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, immediately late peak, the bus will be very crowded. You go Yang Guiqin suddenly increased the volume, Do you want to check what Do not check Lin teacher Old woman standing in situ, take a look at Yang Guiqin, and look at Luo Shaohua, both doubts and know what to do. Luo Shaohua feel a little embarrassed, only whispered all right, he turned to open the door out. Just stuck his body, and the door of a man hit a full. Old Zhao Zhao Zhao, you really at home ah A middle aged man angrily pushed Luo Shaohua, went straight into the room. The old woman s face suddenly became sullen how do you come again self balancing scooter buyer I do not how to do Middle aged man shaking hands in a few notes, This one h.

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