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Top Self Balancing Scooter emorrhage, should be caused by the Department of neck 5 body for the body left thigh, length 30cm, circumference 50cm, from the top of the femoral head off, the lower end of the articular surface from the femur From the broken, up and down the wound to see more than one flap, cut edge edge of the skin more homogeneous. 6 body is the right thigh of the human body, length 32cm, circumference 52cm, from the top of the femoral head from the broken, the lower end of the articular surface of the femur from the off, see the upper and lower wound flap, cut edges rough skin. 7 for the left leg and left leg body, left top self balancing scooter leg length 41cm, circumference 39cm, from the tibial plate at the broken off, see the end of the six flaps, with the patella, bone surface see three cut marks. The body parts can be stitched together to form a female body, can be identified as the same person. cause of death According to the test, the deceased was due to strangulation caused by mechanical asphyxia death. Time of death The dead body is fresh, combined with the digestive capacity top self balancing scooter of the dead stomach, analysis of the time of death in the 17 hours before the incident. Individual identification According to t.he caller. Lin Guodong, Luo Shaohua hanging eyelids, Where are you A full half a minute later, the gentle laughter came from the handset. You really do. Lin Guodong voice rough dumb, see a face it. Luo Shaohua tightly pinch the phone, plastic shell top self balancing scooter creak Good. I need money. How many How much do you have now Two or three thousand. Lin Guodong paused, the tone suddenly become sincere, This is not a disadvantage to you to buy and catch me, a little benefit to you are top self balancing scooter not. I promise not to come back. , We top self balancing scooter all have a good old age it. Luo Shaohua silence for a few mediumorchid self balancing scooter seconds Where to meet TheOne coffee shop at Hing Wah North Street and Dawang Road intersection. An hour later. Lin Guodong smiled again. You re alone do not I remind you Luo Shaohua directly hung up the phone. He looked down at Ma Jian s face on top self balancing scooter the photo, suddenly felt unprecedented calm. On the Zhou Fuxing ID card monitoring will soon have the results. Some people use this ID card in the Jinhua building next to the train ticket outlets to buy a April 2 15 36 bound for Liaoning Province, Dandong City train tickets. By calling the point of sale of the video surveillance video installation, at 9 23 on April 1 to buy train tickets.

e, and may not be enemies, talk to the child is also OK. As to whether to remarry, have to look at the sincerity and performance Maryland self balancing scooter of Sunningdale, said Luo Shaohua thought, opening said. Luo Ying s face buried in the arms, the voice low, Hui hui grew up, the family is not complete, the child is not a good thing. Suddenly she looked up, eyes flashed a trace of mixed with grievances and look forward to look Well, I have to test the test of him, said remarry to remarry, the United States was his Luo Shaohua sigh in the heart soon. Daughter, after all, can not completely put down the man. Let s go. Luo Shaohua patted her hand, wearing a beautiful point, so that kid to see, you leave him as well live. Select has been set, Luo Ying briskly agreed to a cry, and asked Dad, then you say what I wear Ask your mother. See her daughter no longer worry, Luo Shaohua mood is also good, I can not give you a reference. 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 Luo Ying went to the master bedroom to find Jin Feng, Luo Shaohua back to the kitchen Cheuk spinach. The breakfast ready, he looked at the watch, for a good out of clothes, picked up the backpack, opened the master bedroom door. Niangliang is twittering to discuss Luo Ying tonight s, quietly walked to the 22 floor. Came to 4 units in front of, was about to open the door upstairs, suddenly heard a thundered. top self balancing scooter stop Two people are startled, head of the voice lights also will light up. Pouring down the lights, Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua face as white as paper, frightened to the light outside the dark Department looked. Accompanied by a rustle of footsteps, Du Cheng and Zhang Zhenliang s face followed in the shadow Minnesota self balancing scooter appear. Du into a gray and black down jacket, collar and exposed the sick and white clothes, evidently came from the hospital. What are you going to do Ducheng waxy yellow face with sweat Jinjin, deep voice mixed with severe asthma, Why come here Ma Jian stared at him, a long while before squeezing out top self balancing scooter a few words how do you come Ma Bureau, you about Luo Shaohua out to drink. Zhang Zhen Liang frowned, I did not care at first, and later found that the hotel next to the Green Bamboo Court area. Ma Jian was electric self balancing scooter videos on youtube enraged You fucking on their own people on the means Zhang Zhen Liang snorted, turned away, did not answer. Du into the top and bottom looked at Ma Jian, suddenly stepped forward, pulled out from his pocket a pair of gloves. What are you doing, you fucking.eth, turned and walked to the Office of the Deputy Secretary. Duan Hongqing in the office, is accompanied by a crying old woman sitting on the sofa, unable to comfort her. Sitting on the other side of the sofa Luo Shaohua. top self balancing scooter He half head, his head on the wall, his eyes closed, his face cross flow tears. See Du into the door, the old woman struggling to stand up, grabbed Du into a sleeves. Into the child, into a child The voice of the old scarlet self balancing scooter woman is like a mourning, and like a plea, This is how the matter in the end ah, a good old horse, how to say no gone Sister, you must be sad. Du into the old woman sat down, old horse is to save people, he died did not forget that he is a police officer. I thought that after he retired, he would not have to worry about the whole day The old woman burst into tears, This old thing, succeed what can ah. Old woman s cry echoed in the silence of the office. Du sat at her side, tightly holding the wrinkled hands of those pairs, the hearts of the misery to be added. Duan Hongqing head down, by sitting on the desk, without a word. Luo Shaohua also maintained the position just, motionless, tears kept flowing in his face. For a.

Top Self Balancing Scooter i Jiong Fu in the corridor of the railings, quietly staring at the bridge under the calm lake. A pair of young lovers who had just been photographed here walked away from him. The girl specifically looked at him, and her top self balancing scooter boyfriend whispered a few words. Wei Jiong vaguely heard lovelorn The will not want to commit suicide and the like, could not help but laugh. It was a bit strange for a man to visit the park, and the lake he had watched was indeed related to death. October 27, 1992, the city s first department store salesman Liang Qingyun was raped and killed. The next day, the body was dismembered into several pieces were found throughout the city. Among them, her two legs floating in the foot of this piece of water Wei Jiong in the lake. Some people use and two years ago, Xu Mingliang homicide case almost exactly the same way to kill the woman. Now it is certain that the murderer is not Lin Guodong. Need to figure out is why he did so motivation. Du said that when these words are sitting on the bedside, watching their feet at the foot of a trance. We do not know this, we are blind. Is that so important Of course. Du Cheng look puzzled look Wei Jiong, smiled, In particular, murdered a tutor such people will kill Do aquamarine self balancing scooter not know how you think. Du quietly looked at red self balancing scooter him These years, how are you Wang Xu around the back to spread the bed, picked up a knife, tick off a piece of meat on the skin, a meat, but also how What is it divorced Well, five years ago. Why divorce She despise me. Wang Xu blankly to hide the pigskin in the bed, too I have no culture, no money. Now you live with top self balancing scooter the woman is a Hebei people Du looked around, selling spices, but also in this market Then come back, he found Wang Xu carrying sanway smart self balancing scooter knives, staring at their own. Are you investigating me Du smiled, and asked How are you getting along Wang Xu did not answer, but the tip of the poke into the panel, his hands leaning on the handle, expression is very complicated. Do you doubt me Du Cheng also lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, looked at him through the smoke top self balancing scooter You have not answered my question. Very good, do not believe you ask her in No. 216. Wang Xu to the northwest corner of Nongsuo Nongnu mouth hall, and turned around tomato self balancing scooter and stared at Du into, Do you think the wrong person top self balancing scooter Du into looking back at him, noncommittal. Oh So many years, you finally understand Wang Xu pull out the knife, heavily fell.

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