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Two Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter time. Zhang Limin s voice tired, there are luminol reaction, but most are dust, not very good to identify. He pointed to the ground As you said, I saw every tile seam you want to find the blood, how long before Du Cheng to see him Twenty three years ago. In the end you are looking at what two wheel electric self balancing scooter the case ah Ma is not the day before the day out Zhang two wheel electric self balancing scooter Limin stared, Even if found, the possibility of blood contamination is very large, DNA can not be tested hotpink self balancing scooter out ah. Du into the gloomy face. He patted Zhang Limin s shoulder, said something hard, and went back to the living room, look around the room. Ji Qiankun unwilling, in fact, Du Cheng is. Lin Guodong will bear the criminal responsibility for the killing of Ma Jian, of course, he deserved. However, if twenty three two wheel electric self balancing scooter years ago, the serial murder this unclear end, Du Cheng also find it difficult to let go. Lin Guodong did not take coercive measures before, because the possibility of obtaining evidence is extremely slim. Although it is now possible to conduct a search on his home, but still difficult. Du into the eyes in turn swept the sofa, chest of drawers, tables and TV stand. Lin Guodong rape, murder scene certainly here. Which as part of the.fter a lot of trouble, only to find his then an old colleague a retired female friend of Tang. Tang is called out in the classroom, to meet, his hands full of chalk ash. Du Cheng said after his arrival, she said a little thought to remember Lin Guodong. Teacher Lin, thin, not very talkative, very spirit. She looked curiously Alabama self balancing scooter Du into, how he The specific situation has yet to be understood. Du into a cigarette, thought, and put back, However, he is said to be crazy. To Du into a surprise, the soup teacher did not show too much surprise, but very sorry look. Well, I know. Tang teacher sigh, shook his head, he ah, or step, but that road Hom. What do you mean Du immediately asked, What is that two wheel electric self balancing scooter ridge Initially, the soup teacher also some hesitation, does not seem to want to talk about others privacy. However, stand up to the repeated insistence of Du Cheng, had to dusty this long past thin to say. The summer of 1988, when Lin Guodong has 45 secondary schools for four years. That year, the school also points to a few recently graduated college students. Among them, a girl from the English Department of Beijing Normal University is very compelling. Her name is Pan Xiaojin, who looks beautif.

e breathing slightly stable, she pointed to Luo Shaohua, trembling, said Shaohua, the slap in the face, I was playing for the daughter and grandchildren you leave us, still a man Luo Shaohua eyes full of tears, he lifted a hand to Jinfeng My wife, I Voice hardly ever, Luo Shaohua front of a flower, his face and suffered a slap in the face. Jinfeng s lips became gray, the atmosphere more rapid This slap in the face, I was playing for the Ma Jian he wrong to see you this unpromising brother For a time, the car in a quiet. Beam beam has told me everything. Jinfeng out of a hand, gently stroked Luo two wheel electric self balancing scooter Shaohua swelling of the face, the tone becomes gentle, made a mistake, they admit that there is nothing to fear. He did not discredit the word two wheel electric self balancing scooter police , self balancing hoverboard 2016 but did you Luo Shaohua bowed his head, trembling. Shaohua, where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter do not be afraid. The Tam responsibility, we bear. Jinfeng Mosa Zhao his hair, action gently, Do not let your old guys look down upon you. Regardless of your two wheel electric self balancing scooter sentence a few years, We are waiting for you. Finally, Luo Shaohua cover your eyes, burst into tears. Heartbreaking cry echoed in the narrow compartment. There is resentment, there is despair, more profound regret and apo.i s voice sounded Who Wei Jiong heart wonder, should be I, Wei Jiong. The other side of the door temporarily quiet, vaguely able to hear someone whispering. Moment, the door open, Zhang Haisheng stuck half the head. The old discipline is not very comfortable, just eat the medicine, ready to sleep, you come back another day. Oh Wei Jiong frowned, how he Cold. Zhang Haisheng tone and expression are quite impatient, You go. When he finished, he retracted and closed the door. Zhang Haisheng locked the door, turned around and saw Ji Qiankun tie a plastic bag, readily thrown at the foot, suddenly frightened. Are you fucking lightly Zhang Haisheng leaned against the door and seemed ready to take the lead. I m fucking. Ji Qiankun Tennessee self balancing scooter smiled. In front of two wheel electric self balancing scooter him a small wooden table, filled with plastic bags, pipes and wires and the like items. He took a piece of paper and carefully counted the items. Check is completed, he looked up and found Zhang Haisheng also stood by the door. Why do not you go Old discipline, what do you intend to harm me when Zhang Haisheng still looked at the fear of a small wooden table, Even if you do not inform me, I have to get his mother sooner or later. Harm you I give.eng straight up the elevator, careful to avoid acquaintances, so again the disease statement again, listen to a bunch of comfort people. Half an hour later, Du Cheng returned home. Open the door of the moment, a musty mixed with ash group blowing. Du into a small whisper, sucking the nose, went straight to the kitchen. Gas stove on the pot, the half pot egg noodles have been born Lvmao. Du into the noodles into the trash, the pot and clean brush. Subsequently, he opened the refrigerator, took out a withered green onions, cut a little chopped green onion, the pot heat, put oil, put the green onion into the pan of the moment, sound, smoke, filled with There was anger in the dusty little house. Du fried a few times, add water, cover the lid. Waiting for the water to open two wheel electric self balancing scooter the work, Du into the rag to pick up the cleaning began, just clean the table, the liver began to dull pain. His face met with sweat, managed to draw a picture frame on the chest, wipe clean, put a wiping cloth, sitting at the table breathing. Sitting for a while, gas stove on the iron pot came a gurgling sound, big steam from the edge of the lid to emerge. Du into the refrigerator from an egg, knock open, thrown into.

Two Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter shlight, in the dark of a park looking for. Near the moment at midnight, the park was deserted. To be on the safe side, Luo Shaohua from the door to find, even under the rockery and trees are left off. However, the time minute by minute in the past, in addition 2 wheel self balancing scooter reviews to finding a few pairs of men and women are hiding in the affectionate, the slightest trace of Luo Ying. Luo Shaohua more and more anxious, and now the temperature is minus fifteen degrees or so, and her daughter is likely to be injured, she can insist on how long Is thinking, appeared in front of a fast moving flashlight, accompanied by rapid footsteps. Luo Shaohua according to two wheel electric self balancing scooter a flashlight two wheel electric self balancing scooter to see Du Chengzheng quickly ran over. how is it Here is not. Flashlight, the Du into the face is very good two wheel electric self balancing scooter looking, old Luo, I went to the left to find, you go to the right. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, and quickly walked to the side of the fork in the road. He bypassed a sculpture, deliberately according to the sculpture behind, no. Ran over a wooden bridge, look under the bridge, no. Drilling into a bushes, no. From the time and search distribution of human power, most of the park has been searched, or not see her darkseagreen self balancing scooter daughter. Luo Shaohua.under the table, nodded to him to sit down, You did not admit. Lin Guodong stared I do not know you. The stranger smiled to the green bag on the table. Nu Nu mouth This is not what self balancing scooter store you want Lin Guodong thought, and slowly sat back to his opposite. Who are you Lin Guodong looked at the self balancing hoverboard 2017 green bag, Luo Shaohua it He has gone. Stranger s eyes never left Lin Guodong s face, You want to see people today, is me. Half an hour ago. Zhang Haisheng standing in front of the coffee shop floor to the window, to look around some Mississippi self balancing scooter of the last turned to look inside the cafe. That s right. Sitting in the hall of the double deck, facing the door of the man, it is Luo Shaohua. Zhang Haisheng took out his cell phone, dialed a phone number. Hey, where are you Quick Yes, that is, he What You crazy it He turned and looked at the coffee shop in Luo Shaohua the latter looking dignified staring at the desktop. Zhang Haisheng pacing back and forth in the door, tone anxiety. Your mother is trying to two wheel electric self balancing scooter get me in. How much do you say He stopped, blinked quickly, his face showing a desperate look. Twenty thousand, a point can not be less Zhang Haisheng added, the last time After you do not matter to.

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