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Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters ection to leave. Paladin off road vehicles slowly down the window, Du self balancing scooter china Cheng s face exposed, dignified expression, thoughtfully. Chapter 22 Butterfly Lady On the first floor of the Bonjour Mall, Yue Xiaohui pointed to a best self balancing scooter for kids glass jar in front of the segway self balancing scooter fails French Guerlain counter and turned to Wei Jiong and said, That s it. Wei Jiong looked two wheels smart self balancing scooters at the shape of a small luxury glass bottles, as well as containing the light yellow liquid. gear best self balancing scooter Immediately, he struggled to read the letter on the bottle Mitsouko is this the meaning of Madame Butterfly Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui Puchi smile, Do you think will be MadameButterfly Wei Jiong embarrassed scratched his head I can not understand this. Yue Xiaohui quite contented This is a big learning inside. Having said that, she took the perfume bottle, open the lid, scrape together in the past smell the smell. Well, it s a classic taste. Shopping guide Miss Coushang to This is indeed the classic Guerlain perfume, top notes of bergamot, lemon, orange peel, as well as peach. In tune with flowers, including roses, jasmine Wei Jiong hear a loss, Yue Xiaohui Dao Shi nodded frequently, and finally wipe a little on the wrist, conspire Wei Jiong in front. How, good news.g Haisheng did not look back, walked out of the cafe. The waiter smart self balancing scooter specs shrugged and put the coffee cup on the counter. Ji Qiankun grabbed the black wool cap on the table sets in the head, put up his collar to cover the face. At this time, he noted that the green bag on the desktop, open to, found that only a few books. He thought for a moment, seemed aware of the true purpose of these books, his face showing a smile. Immediately, he took out two things from his pocket, were pinching in the left and right hands, bowed his head, quietly waiting for the man. I have nothing to say with you. Lin Guodong grabbed the green satchel directly, open to look in the eyes of the moment vanished. Ji Qiankun uttered a chuckle. Lin Guodong s face becomes gray. He turned the bag upside down and a few books cracked on the table. smart balance wheel battery charging He still did not give up, carrying a satchel again and again shake, but there has been empty. He put the satchel severely fell to the ground, pointing Ji Qiankun, viciously shouted My money Ji Qiankun seems to Lin Guodong very embarrassed look very happy. He seemed to play a Xing is strong cat, is fiddle with the dying mouse, his face smile even two wheels smart self balancing scooters more. The situation has peachpuff self balancing scooter changed, not.

He put the plastic film attached to the bathroom wall, the mind only one thought this tile, even so white He seemed to be the first to notice the walls of the bathroom. In this every day two wheels smart self balancing scooters to brush your teeth, wash your face, where the solution, he felt strange. Of course, he had no reason not to be unfamiliar, because those towels, toothbrushes and a variety of shampoo and skin care products are all received a carton. The sink was two wheels smart self balancing scooters empty, and even the mirror was covered with a layer of plastic film. Occasionally, he would raise his head and look at the mirror of their own, see that translucent sweat under the wet face, and soon turned away. That is not their own. Bathroom only a few square meters only, but to such a two wheels smart self balancing scooters narrow space completely blocked really is not an easy thing. Fortunately, two wheels smart self balancing scooters the most difficult part has been completed. He lowered his head to see the two layer plastic film wrapped around the bathtub the outlet of the pipeline has been out, a new sewer inserted in the floor drain, the same plastic film is brass self balancing scooter attached to the water around the mouth, as a drainage, Probe into the water pipe. Foolproof. He muttered to himself. Raised his head, he looked at the bathroom ceiling, if the sun on his head, hot, bright, with a never ending temperature and enough to resist the power of skque self balancing scooter fires the dark, like this is full of looking forward to the spring. Like a new life. Just like hopeion Luo Shaohua nodded. Ma Jian leaned back to the back seat, took out his two wheels smart self balancing scooters gloves and feet into the pocket pocket, Dian Dian baseball bat, picked up a retractable batons. If he did not open the door, you open the lock If you do not open the door, you open the door, Suddenly, Ma Jian Luo Shaohua was also aware of sitting on the co pilot, a move did not move. Hurry up. Luo Shaohua visual front, is a daze, to hear the call of Ma Jian, as if awakened like to turn around. Old horse, we in the end doing Luo Shaohua spoke, the voice low dumb, so waiting for venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews the girl was killed Ma Jian leaning on the door, staring at Luo Shaohua looked for a few seconds, slowly turned away. two wheels smart self balancing scooters Shaohua, some things, you and I can not stop. Ma Jian s voice two wheels smart self balancing scooters revealed a deep tired, Moreover, you go back now, it may be too late. Luo Shaohua trembling a bit, the head on his knees, reaching out to seize his hair. This is our only chance, and after tonight everyone will be safe. Having said that, Ma Jian stood quietly on the side of the door, so Luo Shaohua get off. A long time, Luo Shaohua sighed, lift the foot step down the car. Let s go. Two people one after the other, through the silence of the park Yong Ro.

Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters d, do not remember these things, my dad always told me that my mother is dead. Yue Xiaohui face square, the sound seems to pass from the bottom of the deep general, Years, a relative sent to drunk father back, accidentally talking about my mother s death, I know my mother was killed Wait Wei Jiong jumped up and interrupted the words of Yue two wheels smart self balancing scooters Xiaohui, You mean Perhaps the female intuition, the first time I saw the old discipline, he felt that he and I have some connection. Yue two wheels smart self balancing scooters Xiaohui and lit a cigarette, So, when you told me in the library When the old commissioned your business, I knew at once what that connection was. However, in that family murder case, the old Ji s wife is the fourth, that is, the last victim. Wei Jiong in the fast recall, the incident in August 7, 1991. Your mother in 1992 October 27 killed, do Ah, in fact, I know you two wheels smart self balancing scooters earlier than that series of murder. Yue Xiaohui bombs and soot, gently smiled, Can you imagine A second year junior high school girls, carrying HelloKitty bag, Sitting in the city library to read more than two wheels smart self balancing scooters a decade ago, the newspaper, to find the year of the chain rape murder case. So, you know very early Xu Mingliang is not. $a=str_split($txt1,$txtlenth);

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