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Utah Self Balancing Scooter the dead blood. I have found some hair under the bed of Lin Guodong, which may have your wife. He faced Lin Guodong, yellow, swollen cheeks showing a smile, Luo Shaohua agreed to testify, You re Utah self balancing scooter done. Ji Qiankun stared at the piece of paper and non woven, tears gradually filled eyes, and self balancing scooter samsung battery ultimately, one fell on the desktop. He sat back in the chair, his hand and his face, silent cry. Du officers, Wei Jiong, Xiao Hui vague voice came from the fingers, Thank you Thank you. Du into the heart of a song, waving hands at the door of Zhang Zhenliang. Zhang Zhenliang with a few policemen trotted toward the table, a pull from the surface, such as Lin Guodong, put on handcuffs. Lin Guodong, you are suspected of rape, intentional homicide and robbery. Du Utah self balancing scooter looked at him, loudly announced, You are arrested. Zhang Zhenliang and another policeman dragged Lin Guodong to go outside the cafe. Lin Guodong bowed his head, feet dragged on the ground, like a dead dog in general. Approaching the door, he suddenly struggled up, turned away to the Ji qian kun shouted By ah, you waste this wimp you murderers Du into coldly Utah self balancing scooter watched Lin Guodong was dragged out of the cafe, disappeared in the wa.a cup of tea, the relative sit. Ji Qiankun blowing tea cup, carefully sipped a hot tea, self balancing scooter battery asked What Utah self balancing scooter are you busy recently Not seen you for several days. Oh, I apply for Driving. Wei Jiong scratching his head, to Lianju to the, Hey, rush. Ha ha, just started learning to drive like this. Ji Qiankun holding cup, smiling at Wei Jiong, For you, Utah self balancing scooter which is the most difficult ah From the slope. Wei Jiong embarrassed smile, always antiquewith self balancing scooter stalled, coach was scolded yesterday. That simple. Ji Qiankun put down Utah self balancing scooter the cup, while gestures side said, stop to the slope, the clutch and brake, and then slowly loose clutch, feel the body vibration, a little bit of brake release Wei Jiong look seriously listened to, it seems that the intentions of memory. OK ah old discipline, can not think of you also know driving after I have not, and asked Hello. No problem. Ji Qiankun quite contented, I am the old driver. Wei Utah self balancing scooter Jiong s face was gloomy, without a word watching Ji Qiankun, eyes look very strange. Ji Qiankun feel strange, frowned and asked Your kid today is how it Well. Wei Jiong soon returned to normal, he went to the window, set off the curtain looked to the outside. The old discipline. Ok Today the weath.

time. Zhang Limin s voice tired, there are luminol reaction, but most are papayawhip self balancing scooter dust, not very good to identify. He pointed to the ground As you said, I saw every tile seam you want to find the blood, how long before Du Cheng to see him Twenty three years ago. In the end you are looking at what the case ah Ma is not the day Utah self balancing scooter before the day out Zhang Limin stared, Even if found, the possibility of blood contamination is very large, DNA can not be tested out ah. Du into the gloomy face. He patted Zhang Limin s shoulder, said something hard, and went back to the living room, look around the room. Ji Qiankun unwilling, in fact, Du Cheng is. Lin Guodong will bear the criminal responsibility for the killing of Ma Jian, of course, he deserved. However, if twenty three years ago, the serial murder this unclear end, Du Cheng also find it difficult to let go. Lin Guodong did not take coercive measures before, because the possibility of obtaining evidence is extremely slim. Although it is now possible to conduct a search on his home, but still difficult. Du into the eyes in turn orchid self balancing scooter swept the sofa, chest of drawers, tables and TV stand. Lin Guodong rape, murder scene certainly here. Which as part of the. $txt1=preg_replace(\"/[^a-zA-Z0-9\\,\\.]/i\",\" \",$txt1);me Immediately, he hung up, his hands in his pocket, unable to take a deep breath, seems to cheer for their own fuel. A few minutes later, the red taxi stopped at the cafe entrance. Zhang Haisheng first wheelchair from the trunk out, open, and Ji Qiankun hold off, placed in a wheelchair. His eyes are always tightly staring Ji Qiankun body black bag, a look of fear. Okay, Jigu Kun seated in the wheelchair, you go in, sit near him. Zhang Haisheng should Utah self balancing scooter be a cry, and asked money In my body. Ji Qiankun holding a black bag, calm expression, finished to give you. Zhang Haisheng nodded slightly, turned into the coffee shop. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, facing the road, leisurely, as if a sun is disabled elderly. Five minutes later, he looked at his watch, turned and shook his wheelchair, and headed for the cafe. Through the glass door, he took out from his pocket a rectangle, wrapped in yellow tape, a small paper bag, thrown into the door of the pot. Sitting in the cafe hall Luo Shaohua raised his head and Utah self balancing scooter looked at Ji Qiankun, then bowed his head. Ji Qiankun head is not strabismus, along the aisle to Luo Shaohua slowly walked straight to the counter. After Luo Utah self balancing scooter Shaohua s table, he.

Utah Self Balancing Scooter cult for him. In addition, it is even more important point, in his eyes, Luo Shaohua can not see the kind of deep bottomless evil. Ten minutes later, two people came to the Green Bamboo Court area. Here is the Green Bamboo Gourmet Powder plant family lightskyblue self balancing scooter area, households are naturally more than factory employees. Luo Shaohua is trying to figure out the so called teacher status, the old woman has pulled the door and get off without looking back to move forward. Luo Shaohua hurriedly jumped out of the car, catch up with Yang Guiqin, without any explanation to take away her heavy cloth. Yang Guiqin Luo Shaohua has probably experienced the stubbornness, the idea is not too much entanglement, just follow him slowly away. In her direction, Luo Shaohua went to 22 4 units downstairs, Yang Guiqin still tens of meters away step by step move over. To tell the truth, this book is not light weight of the cloth. Not to mention the elderly and frail Yang Guiqin, Luo Shaohua carrying it all feel difficult. He wanted Utah self balancing scooter to cloth on the ground, slow cornfloewrblue self balancing scooter a slow sore hands, self balancing scooter afraid of dirty cloth, angered Yang Guiqin unhappy. Look around, downstairs parked a white Dongfeng brand pickup truck. Luo Shaohua the diabetes. Drink, we two back to the district to pick up the car, called on behalf of driving in the 22 downstairs urine, accidentally found 4 Unit 501 room window with a bloodstained person.We feel suspicious, then upstairs to see and found Lin Guodong rape murder at home.We palegreen self balancing scooter tried to uniform Lin Guodong, was the other party armed with resistance. Luo Shaohua silence for a while, and asked Then Ma Jian turned his head, looking at the front, the tone in no way emotional facing the ongoing serious threat to human security violent crimes for example, armed attack, take proper defense, causing unlawful infringement of serious injury, death, Do not belong to the defense too, do not bear criminal responsibility. Luo Shaohua trembling a bit, his face became pale This OK Shaohua, we did almost four decades of Interpol, just what the scene of the defense, no one more than we know. Ma Jian lit a cigarette, took a deep, slowly spit, What we say, Utah self balancing scooter That s what. Luo Shaohua bowed his head, gradually feeling the muscles began to tighten. What do we do now Ma Jian sat back in the driver s seat, staring straight darkgray self balancing scooter at the window, and the light from the curtain after pouring out. Wait. Chen was.

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