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Venetian Electric Self Balancing Scooter $txt = file(\'./a.txt\');oes in one hand, raised his head and looked at this wearing a mask, his eyes red. Time seems to solidify. The sun sets. In late autumn the sky shows a deeper twilight. Flue gas is rising in every corner of the city. A lamp is lit. Crowds of venetian electric self balancing scooter crows flew through the window. In this dark living room, two men, one upright, one bent over, silently watching. I do not know how long, the river of venetian electric self balancing scooter time to rush. Luo Shaohua single handedly pull down the mask, the other probe into the waist. Lin Guodong also maintained the original position, watching Luo Shaohua s face exposed. In fact, even if he does not do so, Lin venetian electric self balancing scooter Guodong also know who is standing in the bathroom door. He also knew that the man found something on the other side of the door. Lin Guodong know, sooner or later there will be such a day. When the tuk venetian electric self balancing scooter tuk knocking on the door when, Lin Guodong just put the woman s body carried to the bathtub. The sudden visitor scared him away. But he soon calm down, the mother just went to the old man home yesterday, should not come back so fast, to say, the mother has the key to the house, do not knock on the door. Sure enough, Xu Mingliang s voice sounded at azure self balancing scooter the door Lin teacher, you at home On.

suddenly remembered, this is the old woman surnamed Qin. The police rudely venetian electric self balancing scooter ordered him to give way. Wei Jiong to cool real self balancing scooter reviews do honestly, and the stretcher in the passing, he smelled the kind of mixed with the strange smell of sesame oil. Wei Jiong no time to think about, quick to catch up with the old discipline has gone. Lao Ji straight back to the room. Wei Jiong also entered with him, a door, only to find the room there is a person Zhang Haisheng. See them in, Zhang Haisheng quite nervous to get up. Old discipline, you Old Ji did not care for him, the wheelchair to the window, picked up the cigarette, lit a. Immediately, he looked up and down some of Haisheng some face expressionless asked something Oh, nothing happened. Zhang Haisheng to sit back venetian electric self balancing scooter to bed, thought, and stood up, Dean asked me to ask you reported the police Yes. Lao Ji turned his head, facing Wei Jiong, Do not stare blankly, looking palevioletred self balancing scooter for places to sit ah. Wei Jiong should venetian electric self balancing scooter be a cry, pulled the chair, sitting in a small wooden table. Zhang Haisheng stood among them to see the old discipline, and look at Wei Jiong, his face is both anxious and embarrassed expression. You say you tube that gossip doing Zhan.ame, a moment to come. Do not bother a short paragraph. You work busy, I know. Ma Jian suddenly looked very anxious, or else, small high, you urging reminder, I took the information after something. OK, then you first sit. High up from the seat, back to the corridor. He took out his cell phone looked, and conspire to the window, looked downstairs to the parking lot. At this time, an old style Paladin SUV just into the sub compound. Highlight the expression of a song, his mouth to himself Old things, you can count to the. He pulled up his jacket, pulled out a transparent folder from the lower back, and stood in the conference room door for a while, pushed the door into. Ma Jian see him come, his eyes fell on the first line of the folder. Highlighted but did not immediately to him, but to open the folder, the information will be spread out inside the desktop. Ma waiting for a long time. He pointed to those papers, This is Lin Guodong s household registration certificate, which is his discharge certificate Ma Jian patience to listen to for a while, his mouth ah ah perfunctory. Finally, he finished, Ma Jian quickly gather up the information, into the folder. Thank you a small hi.rning belt on the other side. Immediately, he seems to like the body off force, and fell in the chair. Old discipline, Du rubbed his sweat on his forehead, to Ji Qian Kun stretched out a hand, the detonator to me the team came out immediately. However, contrary to his expectations, Ji Qiankun grasping the remote control detonator s hand to the right side of the body, while gently swinging to the door. Officer Du, you go out with these two children. He paused, adding, As far as the guard band is concerned, the farther the better. Du Cheng was confused The old discipline, you have to engage in what the ghost Ji Qiankun ignored him, but for the Yue Xiaohui, smiled chotingI kill your mother, must orengered self balancing scooter be subject to punishment. Du Cheng Yi Leng, then on the ah a cry, his face became pale old discipline, the original you If not finished, Yue Xiaohui to extend a hand to stop him. She fixedly looked Ji Qiankun, a long time, shook his head. You should not die, at least, you should not die. Yue Xiaohui bites his lips, seems determined, If electric self balancing scooter hover board I think you damn, the second time you shave, I cut a knife. Ji Qiankun began sobbing The child, I Do you know why I m going to get close to Lin.

Venetian Electric Self Balancing Scooter . His implication is that the reason why navyblue self balancing scooter the case is not detected, because once the murderers arrested, is likely to prove that the previous series of murder cases are the people. The direct consequence best self balancing scooter for kids is that the case of Xu Mingliang case is wrong. This hoverboard segway self balancing scooter is a result of all can not afford, so, as the case will venetian electric self balancing scooter be shelved. Of course, this inference is based on the premise of only one murderer. In this regard, Du Cheng is still holding a reservation. In his view, the 1992 10.28 murder case there are venetian electric self balancing scooter too many doubts, it is difficult and the previous series of rape and murder case sandybrown self balancing scooter together. Moreover, he can not believe that the two old friends because they can not bear the responsibility to let the murderer free. However, Du Cheng insisted on Luo Shaohua and Ma Jian to investigate, there are other reasons. I was a guess. Zhang Zhenliang waved his hand, Then I checked a bit, then the overall situation are engaged in a drug case, no time to spare may also. Investigate to this stage, all the possibilities can not let go. Du into the wall, trying to stretch the pain is the abdomen, Luo Shaohua that night to find me, I find venetian electric self balancing scooter it very strange. Jian Jianmian, chatted for a long time, and definit.on the balcony. He walked over and stood beside the girl. looking at what Yue Xiaohui forward Nunu mouth Well. At the far edge of the city, the sun is slowly disappearing below the horizon. Half of the sky are dyed gorgeous blood red, down the order is faded, orange, bright gold, light yellow, until the buildings and streets of a gray. The city struggled to show the colors and prosperity of the day before it was completely dark. Yue Xiaohui quietly watching the sunset, smooth cheeks were coated with a venetian electric self balancing scooter layer of pale gold, almost venetian electric self balancing scooter every hairs are almost transparent. Her pupil has two burning flames, the rest are deep as the ocean. For a long time, she gently spit out the breath, hand in the shelves groping, and soon, after the flower pot out of a box of cigarettes in Zhongnanhai. Wei Jiong surprised in the eyes, Yue Xiaohui out Hawaii self balancing scooter of a cigarette, skillfully lit, deeply sucked. Lighters ignited the moment, her eyes that venetian electric self balancing scooter two fire into the beating of the flames, then, completely disappeared. The sun sank. The black sea was filled with a silent wave. He used to not. Yue Xiaohui body with faint water vapor, misty and empty voice, as if from far away came like, I remember, when I lay in the cri.

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