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Venetian Worldwide Self Balancing Scooter Reviews suddenly ouch sound, his legs crashed into the phone crashed into the table. Ji Qiankun in the wheelchair struggling to bend down, stretch the arm, trying to pick up the phone on the ground. Luo Shaohua turned his head to see his powerless appearance, said the sound I come to bend over to pick up the end of the table cell phone. In his leaning moment, venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews Ji Qiankun quickly reached out, put a small white pill in front of the Luo Shaohua coffee cup. Luo Shaohua straightened up, handed the phone Ji kun. Old thank again and again. Luo Shaohua think he was familiar, but can not remember where seen. Of course, at the moment he has no time to distraction, just nodded, continue to stare at the desktop trance. Ji Qiankun wheelchair came to the counter, to a cup of mocha coffee. Immediately, he from the counter next to the newspaper stand out of a newspaper, while watching the side edge of coffee, I light from time to time Piaoxiang Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua look at the watch, put a cup of coffee to drink a mouth, immediately frowned. He looked at the coffee cup glowing bubble of dark brown liquid, suddenly feel dizzy. Ji Qiankun immediately lost the newspaper, took off his jacket and purse, took.ooked at venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews the yellow deepskyblue self balancing scooter tape wrapped around the bag, subconsciously raised his head, just met Ma Jian gloomy eyes. Photograph venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews fixed evidence is completed. Forensic doctor tweezers carefully opened the tape, after extraction, he opened the bag, venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews from the plastic bag in the hands of a length of human limb. A closer look, he turned to Ma Jian said right thigh. Ma Jian did not speak, indicating that inspectors check plastic bags. The leray self balancing scooter latter pinch the handle of the plastic bag, with a survey lamp on the internal back and forth glanced several times, in turn bag up, under repeated observation in natural light, and finally, Ma Jian shook his head. Look, I did not leave a fingerprint, so I went back and looked up. Ma Jian silent for a few seconds, whispered First extract it. At this time, a young uniformed police rushed over, rushed straight ahead of Ma Jian Colts, the main entrance of urban self balancing scooter for sale gardens, but also found a black plastic bag. He swallowed It seems to 2 wheel self balancing scooter with bluetooth be the trunk. Ma Jian tightly closed his eyes, immediately opened, turned and waved Luo Shaohua go. The victim Liang Qingyun, female, 29 years old, during his lifetime as the city s first department store salesman, October 27, 1992 at 9 o.

, You do not have to, Yue Xiaohui know our thing. Oh Ji Qian Kun raised his eyebrows in surprise, You told her Yes ah. Wei Jiong embarrassed scratched his head, I went to the school library to find Casebook when met her, you know I do not lie. It s so. Old Pie Pie Piezui, I m surprised, how do you bring her. Do venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews not hide in the side that I am ill ah. Yue Xiaohui Lengde Ding openings, eyes but always staring at the phone screen, I can listen to it. Ji Qiankun and Wei Jiong are laughing. What dare. Ji Qiankun smiled off his glasses, more than one person on the multi strength. She is quite capable. Wei Jiong pointed to the pile of information, There are a lot of things she found. Then thank myself. Ji Qiankun turned to Yue Xiaohui, So, Xiao Hui students have any ideas Yue Xiaohui put down the phone, his face appeared in a rare look serious. Old discipline, do you really think that catch the wrong person Ji Qiankun looked at her for a few seconds, to determine Yue Xiaohui not joking, nodded his head Yes. Ah. Yue Xiaohui also nodded, So, you sure the murderer is still alive it Ji Qiankun stunned, first look at Wei Jiong, the latter with the same puzzled look back at him. Thought, L.the wall is a beige plaid fabric sofa, brown sofa towel is very old. Luo Shaohua on the sofa towel impression, but it was covered with a black leather sofa. venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews The floor is not changed, the color has faded to do, paint mottled, stepped up to creak sound. There is also a marble countertop table in the corner of the living room. There was nothing on the table. Luo Shaohua went to the bedroom door next to the chest of drawers, opened the drawer one by one view, in addition to daily necessities, no special things. He looked up to see a picture frame on the chest of drawers, which is a white haired old venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews woman, smile both barely and embarrassed. He remembers the face, remembering the expression of the bitter pleading and the hand of his cloak. Think about it, she should have died more than ten years. The living room is the northeast corner of the bathroom, folding door was half open state. Luo Shaohua sideways West self balancing scooter body, barely squeezed in, be careful not to change what is the best self balancing scooter the angle of the door was opened. Toilet there is a slight moisture, wash basin there are water stains left on the table neatly placed with tooth cups and soap box. Luo Shaohua sweep a circle, the line of sight toward the window of the.paring for the funeral. To appease their parents emotions. Accept the sympathy of colleagues and friends. Finally, looking at a small two people were pushed Georgia self balancing scooter into the crematorium. Everything seems a long one like a century. Everything seemed to blink for a moment. However, the once crowded one bedroom house, become empty. Twenty years later, Du Cheng s memories of those days is always vague, as if from the inside out are emptied, eyes gone, the mouth is gone, the brain is gone, the heart is not in the. Any detail did not stay, as if the two men never appeared, more impossible to venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews talk about since when disappear. He has always been a person, always a person. The only clear memory is, Ma Jian grabbed his shoulder at the funeral, clay sculpture of the Du into a blank look at him. Ma Jian staring blood red eyes, hissing said into the child, into a child Fuck, I caught him Suspect Xu Mingliang, male, 24 years old, Han nationality, unmarried, C city residence, who lives in Tiedong District four latitude 87 311, individual practitioners, in spring farm market 632 stalls to live pigs. The investigation, Xu Mingliang early death of his father, secondary education, in the C City Vocatio.

Venetian Worldwide Self Balancing Scooter Reviews eir own. How did you come I saw the news this morning, saw the arrest warrant. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, looked at his back, Lin Guodong do He hijacked the junior girl who is not Yue Xiaohui Du Cheng look at Zhang Haisheng. The latter TIPS to a few meters away, relying on the wall smoking. Lin Guodong Du into account words, He killed a policeman.He last night, he hijacked people is Yue Xiaohui.This child on the body paint the Madame Butterfly , want to lead Lin Guodong start, and then grab him a current. What happened to her now Ji Gai kun s face suddenly turned gray, his hands clutching the wheelchair armrest tightly, seemed to want to stand up, I called her, the child has not answered. She s fine, skin trauma, in the public security hospital. Ji Qiankun s expression slightly relaxed. He turned the wheelchair, while greeting Zhang Haisheng fast, take me to the Public Security Hospital. You do not do anything. Lin Guodong still at large, but caught him just a matter venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews of time. Du quickly asked Road, look was dim down, he killed my colleagues, live video evidence, this time he could not escape of. Ji Qiankun turned the action suddenly stopped. He lowered his head, t.d to check to see. Du into the pondered and turned around, galaxy board self balancing scooter reviews eyes gazing Ji Jiakun, If the source is really to stimulate the murderer of perfume, then Xu Mingliang certainly be wronged. Ji Qiankun nervously looking back at him Why Xu Ming liang has a chronic where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter ethmoid sinusitis caused by olfactory hypoesthesia. Du springgreen self balancing scooter into the tone of the more excited, the deceased who is rubbing the perfume or toilet water, for him is meaningless. See Ji venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews Qiankun excitedly took a wheelchair, I m not wrong Do not rush proud. Du waved his hand, I have to figure out topaz and Li Lihua do not have perfume, and what brand. He pointed to venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews Yue Xiaohui This little girl is very powerful. Thank you. Yue Xiaohui smiled, his eyes have become aggressive, Now, the you. Oh Du Cheng Yi Leng, then realized that she was asking the focus of their investigation, I am concerned about is the fingerprint. In the fourth case Wei Jiong asked. Ah. Du into the fourth column of the photo, the murderer in venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews the first three committing the crime process, without leaving any traces of evidence.We in the dead bodies and parcels of plastic bags on nothing to extract to. , In the fourth case, he exposed the flaws. Ji Qiankun then said pig venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews hair.

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