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Vermont Self Balancing Scooter , immediately gave up the idea of getting off the right side. Du into the seat belt, hands and feet and climb to the back seat, reach out and open the door. Although the door opened, but only a gap only. Ma Jian selected parts of the impact is very accurate, so that the front of the Honda CRV in front of the front door between. Du would like to open the door to get out is not possible. Fuck Du into furious. He fell back in the back seat, raised his feet, to the rear side of the window to kick severely. Just a burst into the building, Wei Vermont self balancing scooter Jiong was the foot of the rubble tripped. He embarrassed to get up and feel the knee and elbow are painfully painstaking. He refused to see the injury, hastily observed about the surrounding environment, the cement ladder to run upstairs. No one self-balancing scooter specification on the second floor. Three no one. Wei Jiong Vermont self balancing scooter ran like a cow. However, there is no sound around him, can not see half a shadow. Are they looking for the wrong place, or Yue Xiaohui has been killed The same four no one. He could no longer run, bent down, hand on his knees, breathing heavily. After a Vermont self balancing scooter night of running around, coupled with a high degree of mental tension, Wei Jiong s physical has been completely.t thank you for letting go, but thank you for stopping us. Luo Shaohua looked down again, I look back to think about what to do that day, terrible. Du see Luo Shaohua for a few seconds, tone a lot of relief Shaohua, I know you are not the kind of person. Is not important. Luo Shaohua sighed, I used to be a police officer, but made a fatal mistake. Now it s time to correct. Ducheng leaned forward and said, That s why I m out about you today. Luo Shaohua silent for a while, whispered The child, I know what you want. If you give me the evidence, Lin Guodong will be able to court. Du paused for a moment, As for you Sorry, as a child. Luo Shaohua self balancing scooter raised his head, his face is mixed with pain and apologetic expression, I can not give you. His refusal was expected. Du quietly to throw the second question Well, you at least you identify him as the murderer of the process to tell me. I can not. Luo Shaohua also did not hesitate, I can not tell you anything. Du Cheng Yi Leng. He did not expect Luo Shaohua can give the evidence to their own, but if he can identify Lin Guodong truthfully informed, may be helpful in collecting evidence. However, Luo Shaohua s decision to let all his hopes.

August 8 16 20 Xu, sheep in the town of the village under the water tower east of the black plastic bags were found in the right thigh 6 and right calf 7. Site inspection At 9 20 on August 7, 1991 Xu site inspection sheep in the town of the village under the Vermont self balancing scooter water tower found a black plastic bag on the eastern side, handle cross was tight, and sealed with a Vermont self balancing scooter transparent tape. The bag has a human right thigh and right calf, right foot. Foot wear Faye Wong brand women sandals silver, high heeled, 36 yards , in addition to a small amount of blood in the bag, the extraction of animal hair 11, identified as pig hair. There is no printed word on the plastic bag. In the middle of the plastic bag to extract four fingerprints Du Cheng raised his head, according to the temple, from the side of the cigarette box to work out a cigarette lit. He leaned back, leaned back, stared at the ceiling, slowly spit out a cigarette. Late at night, a narrow chamber, in addition to a table lamp, no other light. Du s attention focused on the dark ceiling, but found that Vermont self balancing scooter there is no focus for the distraction. On the contrary, more and more rapid flow of blood in the body, and even orengered self balancing scooter hear the eardrum roaroff his hat, took out his pocket stuff hides pocket. He turned to look at the counter, the waiter is back to their own, operating the coffee machine. Ji Qiankun to sit in front of Luo Shaohua oblique, is a small mouth sipping a cup of orange juice, Zhang Haisheng nodded. The latter immediately got up, walked to have been lying on the desktop Luo Shaohua side, took smart self balancing scooter reviews off his black down jacket. Ji Qiankun shake wheelchair came to them, bent down, the black bag into the seat of Luo Shaohua. Zhang Haisheng hold him to the opposite of Luo Shaohua chair, again Luo Shaohua clothes thrown to him, he put Ji Qiankun s jacket to wear in a coma Luo Shaohua body, wearing a hat. Just two minutes, Zhang Haisheng has Luo Shaohua on a wheelchair, cover the blanket. Ji Qiankun also been sitting in the deck, the two have been reversed over the jacket. Zhang Haisheng is sweating profusely, he Chong Qiankun nodded money In my pillow below. Ji Qiankun smiled, to the door Nu Nu mouth, brisk walking. You fucking not say Ji Qiankun convergence of a smile go Zhang Haisheng glared at him, pushing Luo Shaohua walked to the door. At this point, the waiter shouted in the counter Sir, your coffee is good. Zhan.ent wearing a dark blue cotton jacket, black sweater, black pants, brown boots, smart balance wheel short black hair the third victim is called Topaz, 29 Vermont self balancing scooter years old, Wearing a red short sleeved T shirt, black shorts, white sneakers, brown Vermont self balancing scooter long straight hair. Du Cheng went on to say, apparently all the victims of the situation are clear in the heart, the fourth victim is called Feng Nan, Floral dress, silver gray high heeled shoes, long black curls. In common, they all have the same good figure, and they are murdered in the middle of the night alone, Wei Jiong said, but there is no resemblance in wearing and appearance. He drove in the middle of the night wandering around, should meet a lot of late return moccasin self balancing scooter to a single woman. Ji Qiankun bowed his head, the sound dejected, I do not know why he would choose my wife. This is what I have been thinking about. Du Cheng Jiqian Kun s shoulder patted forward, the time best self balancing scooter 10 inch of the incident across the winter, spring and summer, ranging from victims of height, long hair color is also different what exactly is Stimulated him Sexual desire Wei Jiong inserted one, while some embarrassed to see Yue Xiaohui, desperate to go out when hunting for prey, and then choose a random ta.

Vermont Self Balancing Scooter denly smiled. You child, daring big. He took a step forward and stood in the relatively bright light. Lin Guodong see his face, suddenly found that this man deja vu. What else do you have to say, huh The man half raised his hand, and forced to the next toss, a retractable batons appeared in his hand, Lin Guodong. Voice hardly Vermont self balancing scooter ever, the man has rushed up, baton high. You do not come, I Lin Guodong shocked, hands and then force, the tip of the girl piercing the neck. But the men of his threat and girl s pain called completely unmoved, blink of an eye, has been rushed to the front of Lin Guodong. Before he could react, the batons had Vermont self balancing scooter pierced the air and whistled. Lin Guodong subconsciously dodge, baton severely hit him on the shoulder. In a burst of pain, Lin Guodong suddenly realized that he was caught in a trap, the girl is not occasionally encountered prey, but a best self balancing scooter for kids bait, about to be prey, it is Lin Guodong himself. Moreover, he recognized that man was the case of one of the police investigation Xu Mingliang case. Well, his purpose is simply not rescued the girl, but set their own death Electro optical flint moment, batons to hit again. Lin Guodong trying to hide behind the gir.dong slowly along the roadside, walking around looking around. Soon, an empty taxi came. Lin Guodong beckoned to the car stopped, sat up. The taxi ran all the way down the deserted streets. The driver looked from time to time in the rearview mirror of the silent man. Street lights in turn flash in lightseagreen self balancing scooter the car, the man s face flickering. He always Vermont self balancing scooter looked out the window, without a word, as if thinking about what the Vermont self balancing scooter mind. The driver touched the door on the property bar, which has a large long handled screwdriver. The passengers to go places very strange, if not a bad business tonight, he will not take this one. However, the back seat of this guy seems to have more than 50 years old, physique is also general, even if he is moving what Wa Xinxin, is not difficult to deal with. Thought of this, the driver Hawaii self balancing scooter slightly peace of mind, secretly at the foot of force, just want to finish this Vermont self balancing scooter trip as soon as possible children, go back to bed early. Soon, the taxi out of the city. Street on both sides of the street gradually sparse, and finally completely gone. The passengers in the backseat had been completely hidden in the dark. The car is like a high speed rotation of the comet thrown out of the me.

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