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Violet Self Balancing Scooter ator sounder. Highlight could not help but laugh, whispered You old fox. Du smiled silently, indicating a bright walk in front, followed by their peru self balancing scooter own, staring at the signal frequency lights. Two people lightly, in the dark corridor slowly forward. Concrete floor has been seriously worn, showing a sand, step up a rustling sound. Two people try to slow down the action, one by one to detect the three households, aquamarine self balancing scooter the signal frequency light and no significant change. Du Cheng Lala bright sleeves, turned and walked to the fire channel. Even the next five layers, still not close to the signal source. Du has been some slight asthma, forehead also has a fine sweat. Highlight listen to his breathing is different, turned and whispered Lao Du, do not take a break Du into waved his hand, pointing to the bottom of the stairs without a bottom No, continue. Highlight light sigh The old things you take it, set I told you. That much embarrassed. Less to this set. Highlight has been carrying a positioning device to walk to the staircase, I asked me to eat back ah. Du smiled, back against the wall, reaching for his pocket to smoke, touched the air was aware that half a pack of cigarettes violet self balancing scooter have been give.have expected this, his face is not too much angry expression. He patted Ji Qiankun shoulder, walked to the door and ran. violet self balancing scooter The cafe was quiet. Four people without a word, sitting or standing around the table or legislation. A long time, Ji Qiankun sighed, the tone becomes moderate You find a place to sit sit a little bit. They do so. Only, they each took a chair, sitting next to the table. Yue Xiaohui Lin Guodong take a look under the seat of the black bag, to its Nu Nu mouth This is it Ah. Ji Qiankun smiled, I am a paralyzed, can not grasp to kill him, violet self balancing scooter can only use this means. Yue Xiaohui also laughed You really is not a simple paleturquoise self balancing scooter little old violet self balancing scooter man. The tension relaxed all of a sudden. Ji Qiankun with his left violet self balancing scooter hand propped the seat, and slowly adjust the sitting position. mediumpurpul self balancing scooter violet self balancing scooter Tension of the body began to relax, he even issued a pleasant moan. Wei Jiong approached to hold him, to help him as comfortable as possible by sitting in the seat. Thank you friends. Ji Qiankun long exhaled breath, You two no class today Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui Pie Piezui, must go back to be criticized. How to do that Ji Qiankun thought, said to help the police in the arrest wanted Leave it. Wei Jiong wry smile, Who.

d the whole family Duan Hongqing shocked You This is twenty years, it blocked here Du into the collar, pointing to his violet self balancing scooter throat, yellowgreen self balancing scooter the sound seems to cheap 2 wheel self balancing scooter gush out from the chest, I can not swallow, but also spit it out Every night, My wife and children are looking at me, they told me, husband, father, you have to seize him, you must seize him More and more thick fishy sweet into the mouth, Du Cheng was unaware, still like a beast like roar. I am not for what duty, I just for my own For my wife and children Du close to Duan Hongqing, looking at his pupils reflect violet self balancing scooter their distorted facial features, I can not let them die Woowandangang. I want them to know that they did not die in vain, when the case, I found out Du Cheng look behind Duan Hung Ma Jian, fists clenched, eyes gradually diffuse from a layer of water mist. I violet self balancing scooter am a dying person, and you let me check go okay You will be hospice, okay, ah Enlightened roar, a burst of blood sprayed in the face of Duan Hongqing. Duan Hongqing stunned to see the sudden mouthful of blood into the violet self balancing scooter Du, a word can not tell, let those blood spots dripping slowly in the face. Master Zhang Zhen Liang shocked, rushed over to hold Du Cheng. Du Cheng also stu. ?>n Hongqing pondered a long while, whispered Lao Du, what plan Du Cheng and smoked a cigarette, Zaza Zizui darkblue self balancing scooter contented, his hands gently on the knees afraid of the name discharged home. Do not, Master. Zhang Zhenliang first objection, We goldenrod self balancing scooter have a good cure, where not to go to Beijing, to Shanghai Do not worry about medical expenses, I do. The doctor said very clearly I have diabetes, this problem lies in the liver. Governance liver, kidney is finished governance kidney, the liver is finished Both sides do not please. No Duan Hongqing shook his head, you give me honestly in the hospital, preparing surgery, the cost of the violet self balancing scooter Council out. Draw it, no meaning. Du into his body than the painted, all this age but also suffer a knife, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the good people tossing waste, say, is also white. Then stiffen Duan Hongqing stared, Do not fight his mother, listen to me. The problem is I m fine ah. Du into the hands of a pool, I can not run a few days before I mintcream self balancing scooter can jump I did a lifetime of Interpol, you let me stay in the hospital, could not wait ah You less nonsense Duan Hongqing a wave, give me a few days to say rest. Du into distinction, highlight on the break came

Violet Self Balancing Scooter {d finally clenched his fists on the knees knocked twice. Then he leaned over to explore the bed, pulled out an old suitcase, opened, set off a few pieces of old clothes, from the bottom out of a kraft paper portfolio. Kraft paper portfolio on the handwriting has been blurred, there are several corners damaged. Luo Shaohua open portfolio, which is wrapped in a plastic bag was tightly rectangular objects. He patted the layers open a sun visor and a paper with plum self balancing scooter writing on it. Luo Shaohua the visor in his hand, repeated look, the line of sight to stay in the back of the dark brown spots on a long time. Immediately, he took out scissors from the bedside cabinet, along the edge of violet self balancing scooter the visor, the back of the whole piece of non woven down. Finally, he stood up, looked around in the bedroom, put the non woven paper and paper into the kraft paper portfolio, out of the bedroom. Wear underwear, wear a black wool cap. Luo Shaohua emptied satchel, went to the study took a few books, together with the kraft paper portfolio bag into the bag. Before leaving, he was violet self balancing scooter on the desk in the old object to find a police dagger, hides into the pocket. Jinfeng sitting on the sofa in the living room, and always.

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