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Virginia Self Balancing Scooter off his hat, took out his pocket stuff hides pocket. He turned to look at the counter, the waiter is back to their own, operating the coffee machine. Ji Qiankun to sit in front of Luo Shaohua oblique, is a small mouth sipping a cup of orange juice, Zhang Haisheng nodded. The latter immediately got up, walked to have been lying on the desktop Luo Shaohua side, took off his black down jacket. Ji Qiankun shake wheelchair came to them, bent down, the black bag into the seat of Luo Shaohua. Virginia self balancing scooter Virginia self balancing scooter Zhang Haisheng hold him to the opposite of Luo Shaohua chair, again Luo Shaohua clothes thrown to him, he put Ji Qiankun s jacket to wear in a coma Luo Shaohua body, wearing a hat. Just two minutes, Zhang Haisheng has Luo Shaohua on a wheelchair, cover the blanket. Ji Qiankun also been sitting in the deck, the two have been reversed over the jacket. Zhang Haisheng is sweating profusely, he Chong Qiankun nodded money In my pillow below. Ji Qiankun smiled, to the door Nu Nu mouth, brisk walking. You fucking not say Ji Qiankun convergence of a smile go Zhang Haisheng glared at him, pushing Luo Shaohua walked to the Alabama self balancing scooter door. At this point, the waiter shouted in the counter Sir, your coffee is good. Zhan.puzzled and asked how do you Wei Jiong grasping the scalp I would like to contact Du into. No need. Yue Xiaohui re line of sight to the cafe door, If he caught Lin Guodong, will immediately tell us at the very least, he needs me to identify the suspect. Oh Yue Xiaohui stared, What is it It looks like a portfolio. Wei Jiong looked at her, and looked hesitant, So I want to help analyze the Du into, it would not have been he wanted evidence. You do not earlier said Yue Xiaohui sit straight body, frowning, face a great blame. Wei Jiong suddenly panic up, Nane said was anxious to go springgreen self balancing scooter with Luo Shaohua Well, even now back, that thing has also been burned out. Yue Xiaohui thought, burn Luo Shaohua This is the most Virginia self balancing scooter drastic posture ah. She clenched fist he must see is Lin Guodong, yes Wei Jiong heart a little easier. Even if the serial murder case 23 years ago, the evidence has been burned, Lin Guodong kill Ma Jian this thing, enough to send him to the execution ground. If you can catch Lin Guodong today, then everything will end. He looked to see the focus of Yue Xiaohui, suddenly heard Virginia self balancing scooter the girl s stomach came the sound of Gululu. Wei Jiong realized that two people have not ea.

m the tibial plate at the broken off, see the end of the four flaps, with the patella, bone surface see two cut marks, epidermis Off. 2 body parts for the left and right upper limbs, divided into four, right forearm length 40cm, from the fracture of the elbow fossa, olecranon at the olecranon see two flaps, a margin of neat, radius of the two cut , Nail long 2mm, palm rub reliable security self balancing scooter back rub, palm size is 15.6cm 9.1cm. Right upper arm length of 31cm, from the humeral head at the off, see the end of the four flaps, the bone surface no notch, the right upper arm there is a 5cm 3cm subcutaneous hemorrhage 3 body parts for a trunk, 78cm long, The upper end from the fourth and fifth cervical spondylolisthesis, the joint surface see a notch, the lower end of the left groin from the off, left and right shoulders from the shoulder joint off, above the edge of the edge of irregular, a wall with multiple flaps. Sternum ribs without fracture. Vaginal contusion, vaginal swab, not detected fine spots 4 body parts for a skull, long black hair, long hair 47cm, head from the fourth five intervertebral dislocation, head high 22cm, oral mucosal injury. Right neck found an isolated subcutaneous h.Guodong and try to trap him Virginia self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui squatted down and leaned his hand on his knees and looked up at him, I want you to turn yourself in. Ji Qiankun eyes blurred look back at her. In the dark cafe, the girl s whole body is emitting more and more intense light. I knew it would take a lot of risk, maybe even lose my life, Yue Xiaohui smiled, but I decided to do it, and I recorded the last words. She took out Virginia self balancing scooter her cell phone, opened the picture library, found a video file, click to play. On the screen, Yue Xiaohui standing in front of a wall, face cold with red. Girls laughing some unnatural, it seems very nervous, If you find this video in my cell phone, it means that I have died in the hands Virginia self balancing scooter of Lin Guodong. The girl lowered her eyelids and immediately lifted her eyes First of all, I want to make it clear that I do it on a voluntary basis, not on anyone, and if possible, take care of my dad and the little beans thank you first. Girl exposed a naughty smile, and soon convergence. The old discipline, the next paragraph is said to you, you listen carefully. The girl became focused attention, dignified expression, I know, you killed my mother, if I do not hate you, obviously If you ruin.mended to him several radio and portable MP3 player. These goods is clearly not his goal, Lin Guodong just looked briefly turned away. After a little hesitation, he went straight into a recent computer franchise stores. Luo Shaohua look at the store s trademark, and my heart secretly funny. Sure enough, Lin Guodong after a tour, they ran out of fear, but also go back and look at the neon signs that the bite of the apple, shook his head. But he did not give up, look around, and into a domestic computer franchise stores. Virginia self balancing scooter Into the store after the first price tag, I feel acceptable, patience to stroll up. Soon, Purchasing Guide came to provide advisory services. Luo Shaohua hiding in a dozen meters away from the side of the counter, pretending to pick the keyboard, secretly watching his every move. Lin Guodong and the Purchasing Guide in the conversation, mainly in the other asked, and Lin Guodong very little answer. From Lin Guodong clumsy words and constantly support the gesture point sandybrown self balancing scooter of view, he told the Purchasing Guide to describe their product requirements. And his request is clearly relatively low, Purchasing Guide quickly designated a few computers for his choice, and to introdu.

Virginia Self Balancing Scooter board up, the past few days he fuck you. Du Cheng laughed Know so long, you do not know me Doudou, now is not the time to try to be brave. Duan Hongqing soft tone down, to think of a way, and now technology is so developed The doctor made Virginia self balancing scooter it very clear, at most a year. That can not be stiff Why did not I have the sin to do, too Duan Hongqing stared at Du Cheng, suddenly smiled You old things, really afraid of death ah It s useless to be afraid, said Du, sitting comfortably on the couch, sipping his tea in the mouth, not as much as you want to do. Well. Duan Hongqing sit straight body, staring at Du into, What do you want Look into a case. Du put down the cup, turned to face Virginia self balancing scooter Duan Hongqing, You know. Duan Hongqing shocked, expression first surprised, then became chagrin. Virginia self balancing scooter Fuck And Virginia self balancing scooter his mother came. He forced a wave, seems to want to get rid of the front of a boring object, Lao Du you finished ah. End. Du into the face of the smile gradually converge, not to find out the case not finished. You are sick, you Duan Hongqing s voice up high, How old are you this year Du into not speak, looked at him fixed. Do not say Well, I answer for you, fifty eight, and 2 wheel self balancing scooter walmart two years of retirementfirst floor of the main shopping malls is a variety of jewelry, watches, brand counters. Lin Guodong one by one over the counter to see the past, occasionally stop to listen to other customers and salesman to talk, his face is always a touch of friendly smile. Probably because listening too focused, he caused a pair of young men and women are buying diamond ring attention. Young man looked at him from time to time, the girl put the bag to the front, tightly clutching. Lin Guodong not agree, smiled, holding Coke slowly leisurely to leave. Upstairs, Lin Guodong has encountered some small trouble. He looked at the escalator and hesitated, and finally stood by to see electric self balancing scooter hover board the other customers climb the escalator one by one. After pondering for a while, he carefully set foot on the escalator moment, Lin Guodong body lost balance in the narrow pedal dancing a lot, he barely grabbed the arm rest. Escalator rose to the second floor, his breath, watching the end of the cornfloewrblue self balancing scooter pedal gradually close together, North self balancing scooter exaggerated jump, almost in the smooth self balancing scooter change marble floor fall. Surprisingly, that can always be his cans of Coke firmly pinch in his hand, did not spill a Virginia self balancing scooter drop. The second floor mainly sells women s clothi.

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