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Washington Self Balancing Washington self balancing scooter Scooter at the ground, both like to say to Luo Shaohua, but also like to himself. Suddenly, he rushed over, grabbed Luo Shaohua hand just healed the collar. Do you hear We want to catch him As soon as possible Ma Jian s eyes look like a violent beast, teeth bite creak, catch him, we know we are wrong The same black plastic bag. fingerprint. White van. Blood in the carriage. Xu Mingliang s statement. These are the main evidence that the police transferred to the procuratorate. If carefully scrutinized, the black Washington self balancing scooter plastic bags are common household things car in the blood after washing, and mixed with pig blood, although that its existence, but due to contamination, has no value for the investigation As Xu Mingliang s confession , Luo Shaohua it is clear what kind self balancing scooter bluetooth of means to obtain. After much deliberation, in addition to the fingerprints, the other evidence can not directly point the murderer Xu Mingliang. So, Xu Mingliang s fingerprints will appear in the parcel Washington self balancing scooter of plastic bags Washington self balancing scooter Two possibilities first, the murderer is Xu Mingliang second, the murderer is and Xu Mingliang have contact with people, of whom had purchased Xu Mingliang pork suspects the largest. Xu Mingliang where the farmers mar.ei Jiong from time to time to see the dark sofa, the man only a vague outline, did not wake up the signs which makes him slightly rest assured. In the fear of how to introduce yourself Yue Xiaohui see his mind, tell the truth chanting, my classmates. That d. Wei Jiong some embarrassment, But, uncle probably do not want me blending in Nothing. Yue Xiaohui clip a chicken wings and handed him, Even if he woke up, do 2 wheel self balancing scooter not remember just now. Wei Jiong Oh cry, continue to immerse Grilled rice. A few seconds later, he suddenly realized that Yue Xiaohui has been looking at himself, unconsciously raised his head, just met the girl s eyes. Hey, I Washington self balancing scooter said, Yue Xiaohui eyeful smile, You are afraid of being my father misunderstood my boyfriend, right Wei Jiong with a meal, face Teng to red. After dinner, Yue Xiaohui remove the chopsticks, sent to the kitchen cleaning. Wei Jiong feel sitting dry tea very embarrassed, but also with the help go. One scrub dishes and one with a towel. In the cooperation Washington self balancing scooter of two people, the kitchen will soon be a new look. Yue Xiaohui again all the rags and wipe clean cloth bowl, dry in the balcony. Wei Jiong to the toilet convenient, came out, see Yue Xiaohui also stood.

he tutor, and it s not far from the 103 Middle School what s his name Du into the data in the rummaging, and finally out of a piece of paper. orchid self balancing scooter Oh, Lin Guodong. City 103 middle school in the school soon after the Spring Festival. Is still in the winter in the Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui walk in the classroom building, listening to a fan in the window came the sound of reading, both miss and some schadenfreude. Three directly South self balancing scooter to the Personnel Department, asked to see Lin Guodong teacher. Director of Personnel is a helpless expression. This is really no way. He hands a pool, Lin has long resigned. Resigned Du into a very surprised, when the thing I think about it, said the Director of Personnel, thinking, Twenty two years ago, yes, in November of November 1992 I just went to work soon. 1992 Du frowned, Why did he resign It is said to be crazy. Director of snow self balancing scooter Personnel Pie Piezui, We all feel strange, a good person, the day before normal work, the next day crazy. Is his file still there Personal file is taken away by his mother that is, the old lady to help him resign.It is said that Lin teacher was not recognized, and in the well being of hospital treatment, as if not discharged. Dir.rship, but the anti social killer as the Washington self balancing scooter object of worship is extremely rare. In addition, if he does intend to kill to release the evil in the Washington self balancing scooter heart of the long hidden, it is easy to form a continuous intent of committing the crime. Moreover, the police has not cracked the case, which will greatly stimulate his confidence again committing the crime. However, in this case after the incident 20 years, C City, no similar cases occurred. In other words, after he killed Liang Qingyun, since disappeared, completely hidden. The police portrayed him, basically from the Washington self balancing scooter Xu Mingliang homicide case of both the experience male, 30 to 40 years old, clean appearance, talk, have driving qualifications, may own motor vehicles, careful thought, there is a certain Of the anti detection experience, the murder and papayawhip self balancing scooter the Department of the dead in terms of the first offense. In addition, in view of his Xu Mingliang murder case highly restored, this person should be well aware of the many mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter details of the case. This conclusion, in fact, in terms of finding suspects is not much effect. Although the news media at that time, although not as contemporary developed, however, the public can still through various c.g. Wei Jiong fingers into the Du, mouth silently said I came to see him. The policeman nodded and motioned for him to find his chair. Wei Jiong put fruit basket on the corner, pulled a chair, sitting Washington self balancing scooter in the bed into Du Cheng. how is he The police look very ugly, did not answer, just gently shook his head. Wei Jiong look at the bed of Du into. The old man s body is reduced in the quilt, a tomato self balancing scooter few days not seen, his face lost a lot, except the abdomen high uplift. He seems to be asleep, breathing is not smooth. Sometimes frown, sometimes teeth. Police looked at Wei Jiong, whispered Who are you Wei Jiong momentary language, he did not know how to describe themselves and Du into the relationship, thought, can only say I am his friend. Police did not speak, the eyes of the doubts even more. At this time, Du Cheng issued a long sigh. Then he licked his lips and whispered, Beam, water. Zhang Zhenliang hurriedly picked up the cupboard on the bedside table, inserted in one of the straw into the mouth of Du into. Du into a few mouthfuls of smoke, slowly opened his eyes and Washington self balancing scooter immediately saw the bedside Wei Jiong. How did you come I heard you are sick, Wei Jiong barely smiled, Lao Ji mobility, let m.

Washington Self Balancing Scooter e man and the guard talked a few words. With his guard is clearly similar to his age is full of doubt, but still in accordance with his request to make a phone call. In this process, the man has always stood upright, his face expressionless. A few minutes later, a young man dressed in gray and blue down jacket rushed to, and the man talked for a while, took him away from the duty room. This walk is more than two hours. Luo Shaohua Daoshi not worry. He has guessed the purpose of a man trip, but also know where the next man will go. Which gives him enough time to plan for the next step. But even so, Luo Shaohua still distraught. The news came too suddenly, he did not expect a man will be discharged at this time. I thought this person and that thing can always be sealed in the well being of the hospital, I thought he could serve as a retirement, enjoy their later years, but his sudden appearance, Luo Shaohua has been conceived in the future hit smashed. He first realized the sense of powerlessness after taking off the police uniform. How to do No walls of iron, how to bind him Is cranky, green bamboo monosodium glutamate plant suddenly opened the iron gate, a gray van speeding out. Luo.on the balcony. He walked over and stood beside the girl. looking at what Yue Xiaohui forward Nunu mouth Well. At the far edge of the city, the sun is slowly disappearing below the horizon. Half of the sky are dyed gorgeous blood red, down the order is faded, orange, bright gold, light yellow, until the buildings and streets of a gray. Washington self balancing scooter The city struggled to show smart-balance wheel the colors and prosperity of the day before it was completely dark. Yue Xiaohui quietly watching the sunset, smooth cheeks were coated with a layer of pale gold, almost every hairs are almost transparent. Her pupil has two burning flames, the rest are deep as the ocean. For a long time, she gently spit out the breath, hand in the shelves groping, and soon, after the flower pot out of a box of cigarettes in Zhongnanhai. Wei Jiong surprised in the eyes, Yue Xiaohui out of a cigarette, skillfully lit, deeply sucked. Lighters ignited the moment, her eyes that two Washington self balancing scooter fire into the beating of the flames, then, completely disappeared. The sun sank. The black sea was self balancing motorcycle filled with a silent wave. He used to not. Yue Xiaohui body with faint water vapor, misty and empty voice, as if from far away came like, I remember, when I lay in the cri.

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