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Where To Buy Leray Self Balancing Scooter knife. He stepped forward, took out a chopped bone knives, conspicuous look at some, but also inserted back to the original place. Back to the living room, Wei Jiong sat down on the sofa. From the material to see, this is a pig leather sofa, has been very serious wear and tear, leather surface all over the large and small cracks. Some of the cracks were soaked transparent tape, and the rest of the cracks at the exposed sponge. Wei Jiong sat for a while, feel the nose is the air floating in the dust made itch. He opened the backpack, remove a box of unlicensed health brand cigarettes, open to, out of a, darkmagenta self balancing scooter lit with a lighter. He smoked cautiously, and was immediately choked to cough. Shaking body and violent breath stirred around the dust, he hit a few sneezes before they calmed down. Wei Jiong staring at the hands of cigarettes, but also a mouthful, although the throat is still in the itching sense, but he has barely can be patient. In this way, he slowly finished where to buy leray self balancing scooter smoking this cigarette, put out the cigarette butts, the mist in the smoke in the whole body, once again look around the living room, and finally to look toward the bathroom. There was no window where to buy leray self balancing scooter in the bathroom, and the room.e to go to the where to buy leray self balancing scooter High Court, right I think so, the Court will have concluded some of the major or difficult cases, more representative. Would you like to study the practice and see if the file is useful It is. Wei Jiong quickly turned to look at the hands of the notebook, the above two wheel electric self balancing scooter is where to buy leray self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui handwriting, However, to see the files in the trial transcripts, learning efficiency is higher, not too many opportunities to listen to trial, may not be able to encounter typical case. He read the sentence almost word by word, after the breath of waiting for where to buy leray self balancing scooter the teacher s response Meng. Well, a little bit of truth. Your kid is also very studious, rare. Meng teacher thought, Well, you come to my office tomorrow morning, I ll give you a letter of introduction.I have a classmate in the High Court , You directly to him on the line. Wei Jiong quickly thanks, the relieved hung up the phone. You can really do it. He handed the notebook back to Yue Xiaohui, You compiled these words really let the teacher believe. Of course. Yue Xiaohui quite proudly put the notebook into the bag, Lao Meng s favorite students, law school all know. She made careful preparations for the telephone call. The dialogue bet.

bottles in a paper bag, indicating Wei Jiong left. Are you sure of that Yes, amber incense. Yue Xiaohui refers to the list, the third victim of the list of topaz family given the brand, this perfume impressively in the column. Return of the bus, Yue Xiaohui rarely open, but repeatedly looked at the two perfume bottles, and in the two wrist were painted on two kinds of perfume. aquamarine self balancing scooter Approaching the nursing home, she suddenly flashed two hands, let Wei Jiong again smell. Wei Jiong nasal cavity of the aroma has long been swept away, the try again, really distinguish the two fragrance similar flavor. mysterious. Melancholy. Like a young woman standing on the beach, wearing a veil. This is the two perfumes after the transfer. Yue Xiaohui look a little tired, smile indifferent, the victims are in the paint after a period of time after the encounter of the murderer, so I think the final aroma is to stimulate the source of the murderer. That, do not have to buy it back. Wei Jiong finally put forward has been lingering in the heart of the doubt, Old leray self balancing scooter not charging Ji did not let us do ah. I have their own use. Yue Xiaohui looked out the window, 2 wheel self balancing scooter with bluetooth replied casually. Du Cheng and Ji Qiankun are in the room, is stud.anch set up a task force, self-balancing scooter useful hint Duan Hongqing head, Du served as deputy head. Lin Guodong for the detection work in full swing. In the unremitting efforts of the panel, a variety of evidence materials were quickly extracted, summarized. Among them, in Lin Guodong bed under the floor of the seam to extract a number of hair. The DNA test, two of which can be with the 1990 11.9 rape murder case of Zhang Lan to do the same thing, one of which can be in 1991 with the 8.7 rape murder case of the victim Feng Nan do the where to buy leray self balancing scooter same identified. In addition, Lin Guodong home sofa Missouri self balancing scooter in the living room near the wall, found a large white powder covered with rub rub marks blood, DNA test, with the 1991 6.23 rape murder case of the victim topaz do the same. Luo Shaohua provided two pieces of evidence. One of where to buy leray self balancing scooter them where to buy leray self balancing scooter springgreen self balancing scooter is Lin Guodong in 1990 to 1991 to borrow green bamboo monosodium glutamate car class a white Dongfeng brand pickup truck records. In a total of 17 borrowing records, four times with the series of rape murder case self balancing scooters of the murder case of the high degree of coincidence. The pickup truck has been scrapped and can not be verified. But when the where to buy leray self balancing scooter car class maintenance technician Liu Zhu is still alive, he confir.will not voluntarily surrender. He will certainly try every means to seek to flee. He has no relatives in the city, even after discharge to re establish some social relations, and now the streets are covered with his arrest warrant, the same will not help him. The only thing to give him the property, only Luo Shaohua. Although the two each other sworn enemies, but Luo Shaohua has always been holding in the hands of Lin Guodong. Who is the cat, who is a rat, in fact, very difficult to determine. Lin Guodong once caught, there is no guarantee that he will not fight a dead fish net, the Luo Shaohua then favoritism things shook out. Therefore, Luo Shaohua to help Lin Guodong fled, you can protect the peace. From the current situation, Lin Guodong has not last long. Perhaps he will soon contact Luo Shaohua, to blackmail, in order to seek property continue to abscond. Ah, make sense. Zhang Zhenliang turned to highlight, do it. Highlight and move, got up and went to the door, just opened the door, and rushed in to hit a full hit Duan Hongqing. Your where to buy leray self balancing scooter kid did not long eyes ah Duan Hongqing hands holding a piece of paper, his face anxious, busy three fire four to go No I highlight a t.

Where To Buy Leray Self Balancing Scooter g. Wei Jiong fingers into the Du, mouth silently said I came to see him. The policeman nodded and motioned for him to find his chair. Wei Jiong put fruit basket on the corner, pulled a chair, sitting in the bed into Du Cheng. how is he The police look very ugly, did not answer, just gently shook where to buy leray self balancing scooter his head. Wei Jiong look at the bed of Du into. The old man s body is reduced in the quilt, a few days not seen, his face lost a where to buy leray self balancing scooter lot, except the abdomen high uplift. He seems to be asleep, breathing is not smooth. Sometimes frown, sometimes teeth. Police looked at Wei Jiong, whispered Who are you Wei Jiong momentary language, he did not know how to describe themselves and Du into the relationship, thought, can only where to buy leray self balancing scooter say I am his friend. Police did not speak, the eyes of the doubts even more. At this time, Du Cheng issued a long sigh. Then he licked his lips and whispered, Beam, water. Zhang Zhenliang hurriedly picked up the cupboard on the bedside table, inserted in one of the straw into the mouth of Du into. Du into a few mouthfuls of smoke, slowly opened his eyes and immediately saw the bedside Wei Jiong. How did you come I heard you are sick, Wei Jiong barely smiled, Lao Ji mobility, let m.a moment did not react, woke up to God when the heart is half apologetic half grateful. Came to the balcony, the eyes are as vast as the stars of the ten thousand lights. This is the most lively night of the year, but also the most human like world. Luo Shaohua lit a cigarette, quietly watching the smoke into the blue self balancing hoverboard battery charging smoke outside the window is more intense. He inexplicably felt satisfied and lazy, as if the king is between heaven and earth. I live, can feel the blood rushing in the body. I have a complete home. Although his wife s body is not good, but every morning can touch her warm hand. Although the daughter divorced, but did not fail marriage failed. Cute grandson naughty a little, but grew up in the day. I will not live alone in the empty house. Not a person to greet the coming New Year. Not over and over again to refresh the page, swallowing a simple meal. No blessing, no other people s blessing. Luo Shaohua put out cigarette butts, a question mark in my mind more and more clear. He, in doing Wei Jiong holding a cell phone, to Yue Xiaohui issued a New Year s WeChat. In her head below, is the old discipline. He issued a WeChat, or seven days ago. It is said that today s nurs.

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