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Whitesmoke Self Balancing Scooter ing a bottle of self-balancing scooter beer, pinch his cheeks, is filling his mouth. Background, Jinfeng a red cheongsam, clutching whitesmoke self balancing scooter his mouth to see them nonsense. Jinfeng s heart a soft, this is their wedding day. Then the body sturdy, clumsy guy, now turned into a gray haired whitesmoke self balancing scooter old man, is stubbornly twisted his head, back to his wife, crying silently. Jinfeng holding him, over and over again in his hair Mosa Zhao. In her arms, Luo Shaohua body stiffness, could not shiver. A long time, the living room came the ring tones. Jinfeng pat Luo Shaohua s shoulder, got up to the living room to take the phone. Luo Shaohua took the opportunity to wipe whitesmoke self balancing scooter the eyes, wiped his face clean. Jinfeng holding the phone, his face conspire to the front of the screen, while walking to the bedroom, whispering while reading the phone number. whitesmoke self balancing scooter Who s calling Do not know, strange number. Jinfeng to continue to tweet, vibration of the phone and handed him. Luo Shaohua looked at the phone screen, staring at the fixed phone number, thought, press the answer key. Hey No response in the handset, only vaguely hear the car Ming voice and deliberately suppressed breathing. Do not bother to distinguish, Luo Shaohua from breathing to know who t.can not help you to the dormitory. Oh, nothing. Yue Xiaohui stop rejection scarf, reach out to, give me. Not for the time being. Wei Jiong to the library direction Nunu chin, can help you carry it there. Yue Xiaohui look at the past Candle volunteers Yes ah, the content of social practice. Where What maroon self balancing scooter about you Stray animal rescue station. Yue Xiaohui narrowed his eyes and laughed, I like what cats and dogs. When he finished, the girl thought of something like a racking his head Oh, I forgot to buy cat food. What about that Not afraid. Yue Xiaowen indifferent to say, big deal tomorrow morning slipped out to buy. There are two land law classes in the morning. It s okay to have my roommate cover up for me. Said, two people have come to the bus next to the bus. Several volunteers chatting around the car have to cast curious eyes. Wei Jiong pretending not seen, the shopping bags handed back to Yue Xiaohui. Thank you The girl self balancing scooter walmart waved at him friendly, I can not see tomorrow morning can not be surprised. Wei Jiong and her waved goodbye, turned on the bus, looking for a position near the window, watching the girl back away. 1 30, full of red candle volunteer service team bus to start on time

e me, because she felt very fun and finally my face is the Band Aid Shaped. Haha. Yue Xiaohui laughed out the sound, is very fun. She threw the towel into the washing basin and whitesmoke self balancing scooter washed it clean. Then come back, see Ji Qiankun lit a cigarette, sitting in the window in a daze. The old man washed his head and face, shaved his beard, and for a clean clothes, looks great change. But lonely face still in the face, it seems a little deeper. Yue Xiaohui know he remembered his wife, he pulled a chair, silently sitting beside whitesmoke self balancing scooter him. Ji Qiankun smoking a cigarette, but also lit a. More and more thick smoke around him. A long time, from the smoke came his low voice. Xiao Hui. Ok. What kind of person are you Yue Xiaohui think of Du and her and Wei Jiong s agreement, thought, or decided not to tell Lin Guodong things Ji kun. We and the Du police officers in accordance whitesmoke self balancing scooter with the list provided by Xu Mingliang mother to investigate a few people. Some basic can be ruled out, and some still continue to investigate. Yue Xiaohui patted his knees, In this matter, I feel full trust Officer Du. She remembered what he had done on the table to fight the pain Maybe he wants to find the murderer sooner than you do.air to the bedside, sideways smell self balancing scooter samsung battery the smell. Immediately, his face became whitesmoke self balancing scooter ugly. Yes, he pointed to the sleeping woman, the taste of her. Wei Jiong some strange, some kind of therapy need sesame oil it Go and help me get that cup. Wei Jiong along the direction of Ji Qiankun fingers looked at the wooden table opposite the bed, stood a glass cup, which is still half a cup slightly turbid water. Wei Jiong handed him the cup. Ji Qiankun the cup in his hand, first looked at the sun carefully looked at the suspension of the cup, then the self balancing scooter store nose and then scrape together in the cup Department smell the smell. Finally, he dipped a little finger with a little water, into his mouth, goods smack a few times, turned around and spit it whitesmoke self balancing scooter out. Well, he took a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped the cup several times, wrapped his glass with a handkerchief, and handed Wei Jiong. Put it back in place. Wei Jiong in purple self balancing scooter accordance with his instructions to do, but the hearts of the mystery is growing. Old Ji, you this is All right. Ji kun kun suddenly looked up and smiled, but the eyes faint trace of anger emerge, send me back. Wei Jiong pushing Ji Qiankun, in a quiet corridor slowly forward. Wei Jiong whitesmoke self balancing scooter looked a.thrown on the ground step off. We have a colleague injured. Zhang Zhenliang took out the police officer card shaking a bit, you give him a look. Male doctors can not neglect, walked over Where hurt The stomach is bumped. Du Cheng tried to get up, nothing serious. Quickly lie down and lie down. The male doctor untied his coat and set off his shirt, pressing on his belly, Does not it hurt I said nothing, they are not to send me. Here It s really fine oh Du Cheng suddenly cried, legs twisted, the whole person almost shrunk into a mission. Zhang Zhen Liang also shocked, could not help but remind The doctor you a little child Male doctors are unmoved, still in the Du into the belly to press to go. Du into the face became sallow, has pain could not speak. Male doctor s face more and more dignified. Probe for a long time, he thought, straightened, turned to Zhang Zhenliang said Push him, come with me CHAPTER THREE The bell rang. If the mouth of the teacher Meng had to temporarily close the door, he hated to talk about a problem on the half had to stop feeling. After all, whitesmoke self balancing scooter he taught the Criminal Law , not a storytelling, predict how funeral, and listen to the next decomposition of su.

Whitesmoke Self Balancing Scooter Because the phone to answer Luo Ying s people, is Lin Guodong. Ran through the channel, washed down the escalator, Luo Shaohua arrived at the Chunyang Road subway station platform. Waiting for the passengers were surprised to see this gray haired, panting for the elderly. Luo Shaohua glanced around, did not see the shadow of Lin Guodong. Look up the electronic signs, from the next subway stop there is a minute. Luo Shaohua side of the gasp, while the phone call Luo Ying is still off. He cursed loudly, leaning against the platform of the column, constantly looked around the crowd. Subway will be out of midnight, came to take, mostly overtime or dating after the young men and women. South terminus is located in the suburbs, the northern terminus is the relative concentration of residential areas. Therefore, Luo Shaohua living in this side of the site, much more lively than the opposite. In particular the train whitesmoke self balancing scooter is approaching, on the platform soon gathered a large group of passengers. Luo Shaohua living in the crowd, the mood even more impatient. Seeing the time has come to an agreement, their mobile phone is still whitesmoke self balancing scooter no movement. Where is the daughter, she still alive Not Alaska self balancing scooter far fr.kly changed to, the highest inspection if there is a need to prosecute, you can continue to prosecute. There must be Ji Qiankun blurted out, high tone. Wei Jiong was shocked, surprised to see Ji Qiankun. Kill people. Ji Qiankun immediately aware of their gaffe, how much thing you say is not it Wei Jiong nodded blankly. Ha ha. Ji Qiankun laughed, began to hotpink self balancing scooter smooth things over, You just, is the mobile Internet Yes. Now the technology is really developed, so convenient. Ji Qiankun smack mouth, I can not keep up with the times. Smart phones can be. Wei Jiong also recovered, like a small computer like. Ah. Ji Qiankun turned to look out the window, you probably leave Wei Jiong look at the watch 4 30 or so. Oh, there is still a while. Ji Jinkun Chong Wei Jiong smiled, Today the sun is good, push me out how to walk The yard is not large, and most of the soil. The yard planted a few trees, because the leaves Kentucky self balancing scooter have all fallen light, can not distinguish between species. Can push a wheelchair to walk on it, only a few horizontal and vertical staggered red brick paved road. Nevertheless, mediumpurpul self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun still seemed very happy. With the help of Wei Jiong, he put on his down coat, wore a hat and scarf, a.

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