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Wisconsin Self Balancing Scooter public with almost. Lin Guodong do not want to go on, time is not allowed. He took the plastic bags to the kitchen, took out the ribs, soaked in the basin, the black plastic bag, kneaded as a ball, readily thrown in the trash Wisconsin self balancing scooter next to the Wisconsin self balancing scooter reserved as a garbage bag. Now close to 7 30 pm, to deal with the woman before midnight. He Lala plastic gloves, walked quickly to the bathroom. Although their approach has become more and more skilled, however, it is necessary to break down a person into a few easy to carry and scattered, or take some time. Fortunately, this process is pleasant. Only the taste can make his desire to ascend only forced to let him feel conquered and possession only those women s neck in his tightening under the softened to make him feel the pleasure of revenge. And all this, in their dismantling to reach the emotional peak. you are mine. I can control your body, your fear, and even your life and death. You can no longer hurt me, and I can turn you into the shape I want. Xiao Jin, you do not know how much I love you. Xiao Jin, you do not know how much I hate you. 10 o clock in the evening, Lin Guodong s work is basically completed. Most of this woman has been packed i.runk father has long been accustomed to. Do not know how long Yue Xiaohui, can this piece of annoying things done very familiar. Wei Jiong feel some sad, but I do not know what to do to help her, had quietly looked at her. Yue Xiaohui aware of his gaze, turned his head, his face with an apologetic smile. Wei Jiong quickly removed his eyes, looked at Wisconsin self balancing scooter the room. Two bedroom, small, furniture and furnishings of the objects are not very fashionable, see, are used for a long time things. However, the interior fairly clean and tidy, from the details can also feel the young girls living in this traces. For example, a small vase on the table, Doraemon modeling alarm clock and pillow Pooh bear pattern. Yue Xiaohui has to clean up his father, took off his West self balancing scooter dirty clothes dirty trousers, and fed him half a cup of tea drink, give him a blanket. Men quickly snore asleep to sleep. The girl got up into the bedroom. Five minutes later, she dressed up for a home out of the hair in the back of the head into a ponytail. At her feet, a gray cat appeared silently. Let it play with you. Yue Xiaohui said grinning. Immediately, she picked up his father s dirty clothes, got into the bathroom. Soon, rushing sou.

idea. Lin Guodong is also a contact with Xu 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 Mingliang people, and he is a middle school teacher, handsome face, talk about the text, easy to get women s trust and goodwill, in line with the police then the suspects portrayed. As for the grievances between Lin Guodong and Pan Xiaojin, although it is difficult to determine the details, but at least you can think of a possibility, that is, a class of women both admiration and hatred of the mentality desire to possession, and hate. This type of women s common label, is used by Pan Xiaojin Lady Butterfly perfume. Wei Jiong to see Du into the face, tentatively asked Du police officers, do you think this Lin Guodong Well, Du thought, from the current point of view, his greatest suspicion. Then what Wisconsin self balancing scooter are we waiting for Yue Xiaohui suddenly spoke, to the mental hospital. Wei Jiong was surprised to see Yue Xiaohui. All day, she is a depressed, depressed look. I did not expect that after lunch, her sense of excitement came back. Especially from turquoise self balancing scooter the 45 secondary school out, Yue Xiaohui become emotional, is simply eager. No, Du said, raising his hand to launch the car. It s too late today and tomorrow. Now go. Yue Xiaohui look at the still no movement, no entrance and out of the entrance. Luo Shaohua sighed, slowly turning has begun to stiff neck, raised his hand to launch the car. Out of the green bamboo garden area, Luo Shaohua look at the watch, has been at 10 30. He hesitated, or took out his cell phone, set aside a number. A full forty seconds later, the phone finally connected. Shaohua Well, where are you At home. Why Watch the Champions League. Oh. After a moment Wisconsin self balancing scooter of silence, the other tentative opening you ve been drinking No, drive it. So late Something Oh it s all right. Something to say. It s all right so be it, find time to get together, and have not seen it for so long. Line, telephone contact. it is good. Luo Shaohua hang up, visual front, the gas pedal in the end. He must go home to rest as soon as possible to restore strength, because, Lin Guodong tracking is bound to day after day. In the mall, when Lin Guodong turned away moments, Luo Shaohua saw Wisconsin self balancing scooter the window of things. It is a plastic human body model, wearing a gray cashmere coat, head and black shoulder wig. She put forward a warm hand forward position, lips and white teeth, to the show outside the hole, there is no life of a smile. The.ead. Ji Qiankun looked closer in front of the small building That man, I found him twenty three years, if I can not revenge for his wife in this self balancing scooter in walmart life, death is also closed on the eyes. With such a self balancing scooters uk means to kill a woman, no matter what purpose he has to pay. Wei Jiong wheelchair parked in the small building entrance, old discipline, do not worry, you will wait until that day. Will be too far. Oh Ji Kun Kun surprised to Wisconsin self balancing scooter look back, Do Wisconsin self balancing scooter you mean Wei Jiong depressed the grip of the wheelchair, the front wheel ride on the steps We go back. He said, There is something to tell you. Du Cheng and Yue Xiaohui stood in the corridor. Ji Qiankun side and they say hello, while opening the door. Into the room, Ji Qiankun greeted them to sit down, while Wei Jiong himself pushed to the edge of the window. And then go back and found three people are standing in situ, quietly watching him. Why ah, so serious Ji Qiankun looked at their solemn expression, could not help but laugh. However, he seems to suddenly realize what, his face disappeared without a trace of a smile, Du police officer Old discipline, Du Wei looked at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, We And so on Ji Qiankun suddenly out of a.

Wisconsin Self Balancing Scooter er to him, and took the ashtray in front of him. what s up Dad, is this Luo Ying hesitated to say, Xiangyang came to me, he want to remarry. Oh Luo leray self balancing scooter Shaohua holding the hand of the lighter stopped in the air, even for a moment, lit the mouth of the cigarette, What are you thinking I do not know. Luo Ying seemed distraught, he said, and the woman broke, will change, no longer committed Dad you say this man can change it change Bedwetting can change, swearing Wisconsin self balancing scooter can change, stealing things can change, and Delaware self balancing scooter self balancing scooter quality specification even drug can be changed. However, some things can be changed Luo Shaohua suddenly remembered Lin Guodong, he leray self balancing scooter battery can change it After twenty two years of imprisonment, he can come in the dark night, in a calm state of mind to face the color of the world Lin Guodong whether there is the possibility of self balancing-scooter recidivism, is the last few months to Luo Shaohua the most tangled things. When tracking became a habit, when the monitor into a normal state, when the Green Bamboo Garden District 14 6 floor monitor point became his most familiar place, Luo Shaohua began to forget their original intention. It seems that this person, this matter, has constituted the focus of all his life. Day aft.ha practice for the hand. Wei Jiong was about to reply to him, he felt the same table pushed his arm. Wei Jiong subconsciously turned Wisconsin self balancing scooter around and found the same table a hand pointing to the podium, the other hand pointing to his ears. Wei Jiong suddenly understand how the matter, and quickly reach out and pull the headphones. Almost at the same time, he heard the land grandmother, the voice That male students, you talk about where I have talked about After class, Wei Jiong unhappy to pick up the bag, thinking to go online to download a written check Pham Van. Not less than a thousand words This old lady, hard enough. Wei Jiong muttered, got Wisconsin self balancing scooter up and left the classroom. Just go out to see Yue Xiaohui leaning on the corridor of the heating, his face looked at him with a Wisconsin self balancing scooter smile. Why, gloating No, Yue Xiaohui laughed happier, I am especially gloat. Wei Jiong also happy are old discipline damage. Do not blame others, you are too stupid. Yue Xiaohui and he walked side by side to the cafeteria, a little anti detection are not. To see that broken video, a thousand word check. The good get, casually copied one became. Yue Xiaohui turned, back to go, big deal Wisconsin self balancing scooter I help you I have experience. OK, you.

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