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Wyoming Self Balancing Scooter oom door was sounded, the mother s voice came in. Did you wash it not yet. Then you ll get the shower curtain, and I ll come in and get something. Lin Guodong opened the shower curtain, and re pull Well. The door opened, kicked the footsteps of tread sounded in the bathroom. My shampoo oh, here. Pulling the sound of the bath cabinet, Hey, what s this smell Ming Liang sent half fan ribs, I cut into small pieces. Lin Guodong huddled in the corner of the bathtub, in this side of the thin curtain of the shower, his mother and a cut into pieces of a woman. The mother was not aware of the abnormal Oh, that I took the line Tang stew to give you some soup to drink. OK. Lin Guodong with his hand to the wall to barely stand up straight, I put in the kitchen. Mother should be a cry, turned out of the bathroom. A few minutes later, her voice reappeared in the living room. I m leaving, I ll come back and cook for you. it is good. The sound of shoes and jackets. Immediately, the voice came off. Lin Guodong listen to listen to the living room movement. After confirming that the mother had left, his legs were soft, sitting in a warm water stream, and breathing heavily. self balancing motorcycle Tonight, two coat, sitting opposite Luo Shaohua, just looked at each other, self balancing-scooter start he stunned, I rely on, how are you this Luo Shaohua hair disheveled, eyes blue, his eyes full of bloodshot, Wyoming self balancing scooter his face like a knife like deep lines, the image of a drug addict. You kid, it s not fucking suck powder, right Where are you going to pull Luo Wyoming self balancing scooter Shaohua sad smile, Ma, how are you, very good OK. Ma Jian s good color, hair a little longer, neatly comb to the back of the head, he patted the stomach, is fat every day idle. Luo Shaohua glanced at him, got up in his cup filled with tea. Would you like something leray self balancing scooters to eat Do not, just eaten. Ma Jian looked Luo Shaohua, You last time middle of the night call me, I feel strange.Well, what can I find Luo Shaohua sighed, back down on the sofa, hand over his face. Said ah Ma Jian look at his depressed look, and my heart quite impatient, how do you still so mother in law Luo Shaohua silence for a while, it seems that I do not know how to speak. You say Ma Jian some irritation, aspiring to get up and dress, do not say I m gone. Old horse, Luo Shaohua finally summoned the courage, Xu Mingliang remember the case Of course, remember. Ma Jian got up and stopped half of the action, a.

e road resumed. More than a dozen cars across the stop line, fast forward. Suddenly, a taxi in the traffic seems to have lost control, on the road was S shaped twisted up. In its surrounding vehicles have turned to avoid, angry whistle sound into one. Out of control taxi and then meandering forward after a few dozen meters, halted. A middle aged man jumped out from the passenger seat, ran to the middle of the road, a look of horror to the taxi. Almost at the West self balancing scooter same time, the rear door opened, wearing a black cotton padded clothes, wearing a light gray wool cap of the Wyoming self balancing scooter old man drilled from the car, shaking around the rear, went straight to the driver s seat away. He grabbed his head off the wool cap fell to the ground, opened the door, pulled out of the taxi driver. The driver on his back fell to the road, watched the old man sitting in the driver s seat, launched the car. After a rapid turnaround, the taxi i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews went back in time to come. More and more people gathered in the cafe door, curious to peep inside the room. They looked at the cafeteria hall or sitting or standing Delaware self balancing scooter of five people, have speculated in the end is what causes the explosion just now. That debt collection, said the feelin.cut off from the world, and died with hatred and resignation. hope You lit the ashes in my heart, said the old man, and his eyes suddenly appeared in a hawklike look, You make me feel that I have a chance to find the murderer. However, Wei Jiong still feel puzzled, What is this and Zhang Haisheng I need someone who can drive me unconditionally, said the old discipline s mouth with a smile, here is the equivalent of a cage, but I have to go out.In addition to Zhang Haisheng, no one can help me. Wei Jiong does not speak, still staring at him. I know this is not ethical, especially for the old Qin is not fair. Old Ji Wei Jiong know the mind, tone gradually worsened, I assure you that this matter to find out, I will be the first time to Zhang Haisheng The evidence of the rape is handed over to the police, but I can not trust Zhang Haisheng in terms of ability or character. Wyoming self balancing scooter Words here, the old discipline is no longer open, but looking forward to looking at Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong upset. He is very aware of the intention of the old discipline In addition to Zhang Haisheng, Lao Ji also need a person to help him investigate the murder case. This person is Wei Jiong. In the situation in reason.air to the bedside, sideways smell the smell. Immediately, his face became ugly. Yes, he pointed azure self balancing scooter to the sleeping woman, the taste of her. Wei Jiong some strange, some kind of therapy need sesame oil it Go and help me get that cup. Wei Jiong along the direction of Ji Qiankun fingers looked at the wooden table opposite the bed, stood a glass cup, which is still half a cup slightly turbid water. Wei Jiong handed him the cup. Ji Qiankun the cup in his hand, first looked at the sun carefully looked at the suspension of the cup, then the nose and then scrape together in the cup Department smell the smell. Finally, he dipped a little finger with a little water, into his mouth, goods smack a few times, turned around and spit it out. Well, he took a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped the cup several times, wrapped his glass with a handkerchief, and handed Wei Jiong. Put it back in place. Wei Jiong in accordance with his instructions to do, but the hearts of the mystery is growing. Old Ji, you this is All right. Ji kun kun suddenly looked up and smiled, but the eyes faint trace of anger emerge, send me back. Wei Jiong pushing Ji Qiankun, in a quiet corridor slowly forward. Wei Jiong looked a.

Wyoming Self Balancing Scooter ooked at the yellow tape wrapped around the bag, subconsciously raised his head, just met Ma Jian gloomy eyes. Photograph fixed evidence is completed. Forensic Wyoming self balancing scooter doctor tweezers carefully opened the tape, after extraction, he opened the bag, Wyoming self balancing scooter from the plastic bag in the hands of a length of human limb. A closer look, he turned to Ma Jian said right thigh. Ma Jian did not speak, indicating that inspectors check plastic bags. The latter pinch the handle of the plastic bag, with a survey lamp on the internal back and forth glanced several times, in turn bag up, under repeated observation in natural Wyoming self balancing scooter light, and finally, Ma Jian shook his head. Look, I did not leave a fingerprint, so I went back and looked up. Ma Jian silent for a few seconds, whispered First extract it. At this time, a young uniformed police rushed over, rushed straight ahead of Ma Jian Colts, the Wyoming self balancing scooter main entrance of urban gardens, but also found a black plastic bag. Wyoming self balancing scooter He swallowed It seems to be the trunk. Ma Jian tightly closed his eyes, immediately opened, turned and waved Luo Shaohua go. The victim Liang Qingyun, female, 29 years old, during his lifetime as the city s first department store Wyoming self balancing scooter salesman, October 27, 1992 at 9 o.s, want to open the car heater, as soon as possible to melt this bottle of frozen snow self balancing scooter water. However, he looked up to see the room is still lit 501, and put his hand down. cold. hungry. thirsty. anxiety All kinds of negative emotions in my heart, and finally converged into an anger. Luo Shaohua rolled down the window, the bottle thrown self balancing scooter store out fiercely. Hard as a stone brass self balancing scooter water bottle hit the wall, issued a huge sound, 4 units in front of the voice activated lights lit. This sudden light down Luo Shaohua calm down, he sat in the cab breathing heavily, his mouth also mechanically chew moving. Finally, the mouthful of saliva slag wet bread, the last difficult to swallow it. Bastard, you d better be honest, otherwise Luo Shaohua raised his head, just to see the 501 room lights go out. The window Wyoming self balancing scooter is like a closed one eyed. Monster finally to sleep, in this silence of the night. Suddenly, a strong sense of fatigue suddenly Luo Shaohua heart somewhere out of the rapid occupation of the body of every bone and every muscle of the muscle. Wyoming self balancing scooter He began to extremely desire home bed Wyoming self balancing scooter and warm bed. However, he still can not relax, always staring at the dark hole of the window. Half an hour later, the 501 ro.

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