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Yellow Self Balancing Scooter he apprentice, the hand has begun to tremble, This cool real self balancing scooter reviews What is this Lin Guodong won the instant noodles Zhitong, drink the last of a soup, Satisfied Zaza Zui. This thing really save trouble, but also delicious, faster than in the past a lot of instant noodles. He got up and left the table, into the kitchen, put the barrel into the trash, pour a cup of cool white open, but also looked at the way the phone is charging. It yellow self balancing scooter was his new toy , but playing for a long time no electricity. But it does not matter, before the phone is fully charged, he has a lot of interesting things to do. Lin Guodong back to the computer, continue to browse venetian worldwide electric self-balancing scooter a web page. It is a portal on the production of a topic on food safety. Lin Guodong while watching and whispered, from time to time turned to see the kitchen. He had just eaten a bucket of a brand of instant noodles, was questioned because the use of waste oil, also listed on the page in the food blacklist. Lin Guodong scolded a bad yellow self balancing scooter language. It seems that yellow self balancing scooter this yellow self balancing scooter new world is not everything better. He adjusted his sitting position and continued to browse the web. bisque self balancing scooter Inadvertently, he saw a link to lightyellow self balancing scooter the previous issue. The mouse slowly moves over the link, a.No, said Du, I m not talking to you personally, I m not going to be alone you can even ignore my identity. I understand. Dr. Cao relaxed a little, but still cautious, I replied to you, but also on behalf of personal opinions, and can not be regarded as the hospital s conclusions on Lin Guodong I made it clear Clear, you say. A few years ago, Dr. Zhu retired, I took over the treatment of Lin Guodong. Dr. Cao s speech rate is very slow, it seems that the words in the discretion, I read his medical records, mental disorders due to mental. A wide range of concepts, a lot of mental illness can be covered by the word. He meaningfully looked at Du into, and went on Since it is due to mental disorders, it should be a considerable degree of mental combat or mental stimulation, but I do not see in his medical records To any statement, and, according to my observation of him, Lin Guodong performance and other mental patients than there is a big difference. Did not you say he had an abnormal mood and behavior Oh, Dr. Cao smiled, for you, be here for decades, daily and mental patients get along day and night, you will not be safe what do you mean I do not mean anything, Dr. Cao replied at once.

The first time committing the crime, obviously can see that his sub corpse techniques are not skilled, and yellow self balancing scooter very nervous. Du into the map pointing to a few red spots, head and left thigh together, right thigh and Left leg together.However, in this case, not only sub corpse handy, and the body is simply abandoned the orderly ah. Ma Jian s mind suddenly appeared such a screen murderer crouched on the ground, humming a song, patiently cut into blocks of the body into the black plastic bags in order. He felt disgusted, followed by anger. Fuck However, there are several places or fuck do not understand ah. Du into the cigarette butts pressed out in the ashtray, always feel what is wrong. What do you mean This bastard for the first time committing the crime, even the fingerprints did not leave, the bag is also clean. Du Cheng re lit a cigarette, how so careless Hair and fingerprints Ma Jian s anger, he thought he Niubi it Such an explanation, it does not matter Du turned to face Ma Jian, Yu Guangzhong has seen the office door was suddenly opened, eyes to see, Luo Shaohua pinch a few sheets of paper came. Head, there is found He ran a few steps yellow self balancing scooter in front of Ma Jian, is the pig hair A.wn the side of the yellow self balancing scooter side connected to the phone, Zhang Zhen Liang s voice immediately spread out. A person, less than two grams of cargo. No drug manufacturing tools. Zhang Zhenliang also with severe yellow self balancing scooter asthma, Lao Du, how is it Du Cheng went to the fire door on the 10th floor, carefully opened a crack, the elevator, the man has to change the shopping bag to the left hand, right hand stop poking down the key. Du Cheng whispered 10 floor, fast up to help me. When he finished, Du hung up the phone, opened the fire door and went out. Hear the footsteps, the man suddenly turned around and saw the Du into the keys of the action more frenzy. You put things down, turned around. Du carefully close, one hand pointing to the man, the other hand holding the waist of the gun handle, hands Baotou The man ignored him, just turned his head, tightly staring at the elevator door. Du into the wound, walked over quickly, his fingers just touched his shoulder, the magenta self balancing scooter elevator door opened. The man suddenly burst, the shopping bags to throw into DU, sideways squeezed into the elevator. Du Cheng raised his hand to protect his head and face, drew a man pointing to the point Immediately Virginia self balancing scooter give me out, hurry up Man b.n to me the reasons for doing so. Yue Xiaohui looked at him, turned away, mouth tight sip. Wei Jiong hesitated You have not found kill your mother s murderer. Yue Xiaohui still do not speak, his lips began to tremble. So, I need you to give me an explanation. Wei Jiong bent down, looking directly at the eyes of Yue Xiaohui, Why do you want to do that Long, Yue Xiaohui whispered I can explain to you, but not now. When she finished, she stood up, took down jacket, cool real self balancing scooter reviews handed back to Wei Jiong I have to go back. Just a few steps away, the girl turned around, looked up and down Wei Jiong, expression complex. You yellow self balancing scooter know what Yue Xiaohui smiled, You are not the same as in the past. Wei Jiong also smiled Maybe it is. Girl crooked head, thoughtfully. Finally, she Chong Wei Jiong waved his hand, turned and walked to the inpatient building. Wei Jiong carrying down jacket, watched the girl disappeared in the inpatient department. Immediately, he sat on the bench, straight legs, staring at his toe out. I changed it Yes. For the past few best self balancing scooter 10 inch months I have seen the darkest sins, the strongest feelings, the most cruel criminals, the bravest police. Yue Xiaohui also changed, because she has her own secret. I.

Yellow Self Balancing Scooter oom door was sounded, the mother s voice came in. Did you wash it not yet. Then you ll get the shower curtain, and I ll come in and get something. Lin Guodong opened the shower curtain, and re pull Well. The door opened, kicked the footsteps of tread sounded in the bathroom. My shampoo oh, here. Pulling the sound of the bath cabinet, Hey, what s this smell Ming Liang sent half fan ribs, I cut into small pieces. Lin Guodong huddled in the corner of the bathtub, in this side of the thin curtain of the shower, his mother and a cut into pieces of a woman. The mother was not aware of the abnormal Oh, that I took the line Tang stew to give you some soup to drink. OK. Lin Guodong with his hand to the wall to barely stand up straight, I put in the kitchen. Mother should be a cry, turned out of the bathroom. A few minutes later, her voice reappeared in the living room. I m leaving, I ll come self balancing scooter change back and cook for you. it is good. The sound of shoes and jackets. Immediately, the voice came off. Lin Guodong listen to listen to the living room movement. After yellow self balancing scooter confirming that the mother had left, his legs were soft, sitting in a warm water stream, and breathing heavily. Tonight, two consecutive.clock in the evening after get off work, the next morning, the deceased right thigh in Dongjiang Street and Yanbian Road intersection intersection Was found, then, the yellow self balancing scooter rest of the body parts in the city after another to be found. The deceased was sexually assaulted, died because of mechanical asphyxia. Body pieces are wrapped in black plastic bags, bags wound yellow tape. The scene did not find the deceased s clothes, nor to extract the fingerprints or footprints. 10.28 rape murder case analysis of the case will open a full afternoon. After the meeting, Ma Jian was called to the Office of the Secretary, behind yellow self balancing scooter closed doors. Half an hour later, Ma Jian look gloomy to come out. Waiting at the door for a long time Luo Shaohua quickly went up. Colts, how Temporarily block messages and deny media access requests. that s it What is on these Ma Jian s face was impatient, got up and walked in the direction of the office, What do you want Did he do it No, Ma Jian denied a clear cut, yellow self balancing scooter look straight ahead, big step forward. How is not it Luo Shaohua anxious, a grabbed Ma Jian, that way exactly the same ah No Ma Jian Luo Shaohua hand off, continue to move forward, That son of a bitch has.

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