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Yellowgreen Self Balancing Scooter s, I saw the invoice. Ji Qiankun smiled, to your three hundred dollars are used to yellowgreen self balancing scooter buy cigarettes You take the road toll, sandybrown self balancing scooter right Two dollars only. Wei Jiong waved his hand, You re welcome. Ye Hao, two self balancing electric scooter dollars, do not push to let go. Ji Qiankun also no longer insist, on the prosecution limitation thing, find out Twenty years later, if it is deemed necessary for the prosecution to be necessary, the case may be submitted to the Supreme People s Procuratorate for approval and the prosecution shall continue. Immediately, Wei Jiong again to extend the time and interruption of prosecution to explain Ji Jiqun listen. And last time, Ji Qiankun hear very focused, during which has always been smoking, a small room soon filled with smoke. In other words, once placed on file Ji Qiankun listen to, pondered a moment, said to himself, it does not matter the prosecution time. Yes, Wei Jiong, speaking up, decided to show off a little, However, 79 years and 97 years of criminal law in the prosecution of the statute of limitations is slightly different. What is the difference Ji Qiankun asked immediately. Wei Jiong did not expect Jikkun Kun would ask such a fine, and sometimes panicked, stammere.s eager to close and dare not take a step forward. The thin on him, seemed stiff, gentle and compassionate. Old man ah old man. She bit her lip Good. Lin Guodong eyes light up, it seems that this surprise surprise to him some panic That you tired of it, I went to a taxi. Chen looked at him a few steps to the side of the road, waving a hand, the heart actually on the green bamboo garden area where the little house produced a little expectation. In the innumerable sleepless nights, she is aware of their own heart has a gap. Well, tonight, let a meal, a good night sleep, a warm old man to fill the gap it. Luo Shaohua full circle in the park, only to find a van in the car after the Honda CRV. He went to the front of the car, just to raise his hand to knock on the glass window, the door opened. On the train. Ma Jianfu in the steering wheel, eyes always staring at the 22 buildings, something brought it Luo Shaohua should be a cry, climb the vice driver s seat, open the backpack, took out the batons and handed him. Well, that should be enough. Luo Shaohua back to see the back seat, a small cardboard box in the looming yellowgreen self balancing scooter gloves, gloves and police cord, an aluminum baseball bat on it

oad blocks, the dark blue Santana car parked on the roadside, in the middle of the night temperature, the body covered with a thin layer of frost. Luo Shaohua took out the key to open the door, at the same time found a violation of the ticket stuck in the window. He cursed the sentence, tear up the penalty into his pocket, dwarf body into the cab. Start a car, U turn, Luo Shaohua one hand holding the steering wheel, the other hand stretched out on the co driver s seat on the backpack, pulled out a bread, tear the plastic packaging mouth, bitter bitter. His mouth chewing bread, forced to step on the yellowgreen self balancing scooter gas, fast back to the Green Bamboo Court area. 501 yellowgreen self balancing scooter room window 2 wheel self balancing scooter problems lamp is still, indoor light is still erratic, Lin Guodong should also watch TV. Luo yellowgreen self balancing scooter Shaohua parked in the shelter, turn off the fire, yellowgreen self balancing scooter eating bread slowly. After a cold day, the bread has become dry and hard, bite in the mouth like wood. Luo Shaohua gradually feel dry mouth, throat also choke uncomfortable. He took out a bottle of water from the backpack, tentacles of a hard cold, he immediately realized that the water has been frozen into a leray self balancing scooter reviews piece of ice lump. Fuck Luo Shaohua subconsciously raised his hand to touch the car key.eceiver, OK, I ll go home now. Well, said his wife, with a clear voice, What would you like to eat, and I ll give you a soft shelled turtle No, no trouble. Well, I ll wait for you. Hang up the phone, Du Cheng stood up, Samsam to Ma Jian said Colts, I Ma Jian smiled, a week did not go home, right back to rest, take a bath, take care of the children. That yellowgreen self balancing scooter is not good. Quickly get out of it. Ma Jian waved, and other bright and stable situation again, there are brothers who braved it. OK Du into a rush to get clothes, pack hand bag, heels to the door. Just opened the door, and a rushed to the police rushed to hit a full. Oh, I m sorry Dugu. The policeman simply greeted Ducheng, facing Ma Jian, shortness of breath, Colts, right leg, found. Forty minutes later, the police car left the main road, open a bumpy dirt road. Ma Jian face livid, without a word, always staring at the front. segway self balancing scooter fails Then, he looked at Self Balancing Scooters faq 177 Highway Provincial Architectural Design Institute family area , Red River Street, No. 163, a few locations Figure , With black signature pen back and forth outlined. Driving bumps, Du Cheng quickly felt dizzy, the stomach began to churn. He put down his pen and looked out the win.fter a lot yellowgreen self balancing scooter of trouble, only to find his then an old colleague a retired female friend of Tang. Tang is called out in the classroom, to meet, his hands full of chalk ash. Du Cheng said after his arrival, she said a little yellowgreen self balancing scooter thought to remember Lin Guodong. Teacher Lin, thin, not very talkative, very spirit. She looked curiously Du into, how he The specific situation has yet to be understood. Du into a cigarette, thought, and put back, However, he is said to be crazy. To Du into a surprise, the soup teacher did not show too much surprise, but very sorry look. Well, I know. Tang teacher sigh, shook his head, he ah, or step, but that road Hom. What do you mean Du immediately asked, What is that ridge Initially, the soup teacher also some yellowgreen self balancing scooter yellowgreen self balancing scooter hesitation, does not seem to want to talk about others privacy. However, stand up to the repeated insistence of Du Cheng, had to dusty this long past thin to say. The summer of 1988, when Lin Guodong has 45 secondary schools for four years. That year, the school also points to a few recently graduated college students. Among them, a girl from the English Department of Beijing Normal University is very compelling. Her name is Pan Xiaojin, who looks beautif.

Yellowgreen Self Balancing Scooter e on the phone, only five o clock, I have the route are planned, and also about forty minutes by car. She put the phone navigation page to see Du. But Du did not even have a look, straightforwardly refused No, I ll send you home. Paladin SUV exit 45 secondary school parking, stainless steel electric folding door slowly closed behind. Besides, the place of mental hospital, not you should go. Along the way, Yue Xiaohui are pouting, look unhappy look. Wei Jiong do not know how to comfort her, also had to silence. Du attention is clearly not in their body, every parking, he will take out the phone to view, it seems that waiting for news. Open to skyblue self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui home cell door, Du into the stop, turned and said After all, we just suspect him, there is no sufficient evidence to understand it Wei Jiong nodded. Yue Xiaohui has been looking out the window. Du looked at Yue Xiaohui eat dinner Yue Xiaohui obviously still angry, jumped out of the car, but do not go, looking at Wei Jiong. Line. Du Cheng is no longer insisted, indicating Wei Jiong closed the door. At this time, Yue Xiaohui suddenly said Wait She pointed to Wei Jiong I want to say a few words to him. Oh Du some inexplicable, turned to., saw him, at the very beginning asked Where did you go Oh, I let the little Wei pushed me out to walk. Ji Qiankun replied on behalf of Wei Jiong. Girl Chong Ji Qiankun out of a smile, the backpack into the arms of Wei Jiong withdrawal of the withdrawal, the bus and so on for a long time. Wei Jiong nodded, on the Chi kun, said The old discipline, I put you back. Do not. Ji Qiankun yellowgreen self balancing scooter finger at the door electric self balancing scooters for adults to smoke Zhang Haisheng, Zhang has it, you go back, do not let you wait for you. Well, it does. Wei Jiong looked up Zhang Haisheng, who dangling from yellowgreen self balancing scooter the cigarette, looked at them blankly. You Ji Qiankun Wei Jiong looked at the eyes, smiling, at least once again, right Volunteers in twos and threes around from Wei Jiong, he shook the body in the crowd, the backpack on the shoulder. Finally, he told the same old smile. Will do. Chapter IV Old leray self balancing scooter Cases Du into the patient wearing a blue and white clothes, cross legged sitting on the bed, watching the leaders and colleagues around the bed Chuimo silently standing, all look solemn, could not help but Puchi a sound. What the hell are you doing Du Chengtiao feet out of bed, Do not stand, Duan, sit. Do not move, do not move. Duan Hongqing.

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